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10 Famous Places to visit in ahmedabad | Top Tourist Place

Ahemdabad is the alrgest city of the state and it has a lot to give you. The city located near the state capital Gandhinagar. One of the most populous city of the country. You can’t afford to miss Ahmedabad’s Navratri and Uttarayan. Ahmedabad has its own colors and culture.

There is so much to so much to do in this city of lights, and of course there are so many places to visit.

Read on to find out the best places to visit in Ahemdabad –


Kankaria Lake is the second largest lake in Ahmedabad. It is located in the Maninagar area. A lakefront is developed around it, which has many public attractions such as a zoo, toy train, kids city, tethered balloon ride, water rides, water park, food stalls, and entertainment facilities. Kankaria Carnival is a week-long festival held here in the last week of December. Many cultural, art, and social activities are organised during the carnival.


Riverfront is the lifeline of the Ahemdabad city. A very famous place among the people.  People prefer it for walks, jogs, cyclings, and other outdoor games. One can visit this place with their friends, family members and their loved ones. The riverfront is featured in several Gujarati as well as Bollywood films. It hosts several annual events like Sabarmati Marathon, Sabarmati Cyclothon, flower shows, International Kite Festival, and airshows. Sabarmati Riverfront is a great tourist attraction.

There is Riverfront flower garden, 9 kms from the Riverfront


Adalaj stepwell as the name suggests is located in Adalaj village of Gandhinagar. You can also call it ‘Adalaj Vav’. ‘VAV’ in Gujarati means stepwell. Rana Veer Singh initiated the construction of Adalaj Stepwell to alleviate the problem of water scarcity. But, Mohammed Begda attacked him. So, Rana Veer could not complete the construction.

Later, Mohammed Begda did not allow Rana’s wife to perform Sati. Instead, Mohammed proposed her to marry. Rani asked him to complete the constructed of the stepwell. After that, he can marry her. Mohammed Begda did so but Rani circumambulated the stepwell with prayers.  Instead, she jumped into the well.


Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Kalupur is one of the biggest temples of Swaminarayan. Indeed, this is the first temple of Swaminarayan Sampraday.  Swaminarayan is in Kalupur area of Ahmedabad. Lord Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan instructed to build the Swaminarayan temple. The temple is very beautiful and it has many activities. There’s a dark auditorium that will give you a glimpse of Swaminarayan sect. They show videos relating to Swaminarayan Sampraday. Even, they have tasty food to offer. Also, there’s a fountain show in the evenings.


Sabarmati Ashram is located on the high river bank of the Sabarmati that flows all over the Ahmedabad city. This is a historic place where Mahatma Gandhi  spent his time during the freedom fight.  The is a clean and very peaceful. A good place to visit and ponder over the non violent path of protest. Also, delicious food is available on the spot. You need about 2 to 3 hours of time  to see the Sabarmati Ashram.


Sidi Saiyyed mosque is popularly known as Sidi Saiyyed ni Jali. Sultan Sidi Saiyyed built the mosque in 1572-73 AD. He built it in the retinue of Bilal Jhajar Khan. Siddi Saiyyed is the most famous mosque of Ahmedabad city. In the last years of the existence of Gujarat Sultanate, the Sultan built the mosque. The logo of the IIM, Ahmedabad also seeks inspiration from Sidi Saiyyed Jali. The main attraction is the architectural structure. Even this is a great place for photographers and the people who loves history.


Auto Vintage Car Museum is a museum of vintage collective antique cars. A local family built it over in the last century. You can perfectly see the cars from the pavilion and courtyard garden. The museum has more than 100 finest cars. This includes Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, Cadillac, Buick, Lincoln, and Chrysler automobiles. Auto Vintage Car Museum also includes the facilities like souvenir shop, a cafeteria and station for fun drives in these vintage cars.


Science city is in Hebatpur area of Ahmedabad. The main aim is to draw more students towards education in Science. Not only students but also anyone can visit here to gain knowledge. It has its own IMAX 3D theatre, an energy park, a hall of science, Planet Earth, an Amphitheatre, Life Science Park and dancing musical fountains among others. But the entry is chargeable. It is worth spending time and money here.


Ahmad Shah’s Tomb, locally known as Badshah no Hajiro or Raja no Hajiro. It is a medieval mosque and the group of tombs in Ahmedabad. Ahmedshah Badshah’s Tomb is a very popular historical monument in Ahmedabad city. Ahmad Shah’s tomb is situated close to Jama Mosque and Manek Chowk. Architecture of this place is amazing.

Also, Ahmed Shah is the founder of the Ahmedabad city in 1411 AD. The beautiful carvings, some temple symbols  like lamp, temple bells, makara toran, shreeyantra on windows and the most important swastika on some walls, makes it look like a temple converted to the tomb. Even, the pillars resemble the same.


Rani no Hajiro is located near Manek Chowk on the east of the Ahmed Shah’s Tomb. The principal tomb belongs to Mughalai Bibi, the wife of Muhammad Shah II and mother of Mahmud Begada. Rani No Hajiro is nicely carved in white marble, and girt with a Persian inscription in minute relief. There are arranged elements of stone tracery. Even the carvings are amalgamation of Hindu, Jain, and Islamic architectural styles. Some Muslim families live inside complex which take care of the tombs.

Some of the major facts of the never-ending city Ahmedabad –

1) Ahmedabad is also called Karnavati

2) State bank of India’s logo is inspired from Kankaria Lake.

3) Ahmedabad was the 2nd to build an IIM

5) Ahmedabad is the former capital of Gujarat

6) Ahmedabad is Manchester of the East or Boston of India

7) Forbes listed Ahmedabad as the ‘World’s 3rd Fastest growing Cities’ in the year 2010


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