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7 Stages of Lord Krishna in Gujarat – The 80 years Journey

After leaving Mathura how did Lord Krishna come to Gujarat and what great deeds did he deed here? Let us take you to the holy shrines of Lord Krishna’s Karma Bhoomi. As mentioned in the Puranas there are 7 places in Saurashtra that Shree Krishna visited.

Dwarka Nagari

Being the first stop of Lord Krishna in Gujarat Karmabhoomi Dwarkanagari, the journey of Lord Krishna’s arrival in Gujarat starts from Mathura. Birthplace Mathura and Balbhoomi have been given to Gokul-Vrindavan, but the glory of Karmabhoomi of Lord Krishna has been given to Gurjar Dhara. To defeat the constant violence of Jarasangha The 28-year-old Shri Krishna left Mathura and came to the west coast in Dwarkanagari and settled there and lived with the Yadavas. He handed over the reins of the kingdom to his father Vasudeva and emerged as an ardent activist in India. He organized Yadavs further in Dwarka and killed Jarasangha saving the people from its torment.  Lord Krishna has spent more than 80 years here out of the longevity of hundreds of years.

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How to reach Dwarka?


Trains from major cities of the country like Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, and Jamnagar are available to reach Dwarka


Dwarka is also connected to major cities in Gujarat.


Jamnagar Airport is the nearest airport located near Dwarka (137km)


In Betdwarka in the middle of the sea, there was an inner-city of queens of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna gave shelter to around 16 thousand women that were released from the captivity of Nakrkasur. Lord Krishna often came here to take care of these women and used to go boating with them in the sea.

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How to Reach Bet Dwarka?

After reaching Dwarka, the Okha jetty is around 30km it takes around 1hr to reach the Okha jetty from the Dwarka. And from the Dwarka, many private Vehicles are easily available to Okha jetty. From the Okha jetty, you can ferry the boat to reach the Bet Dwarka.


When Lord Krishna was returning to Dwarka after abducting Vidarbha Kumari Rukmini, Rukmini liked the natural beauty of the Nagher path of the coast, so Lord Krishna married Rukmini here. Eventually, this wedding place was known as Madhavpur.

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How to reach Madhavpur?

Distance from Madhavpur

Porbandar-  58 km

Somnath –  75 km

Dwarka –  160 km

Rajkot –  194 km

Ahmedabad –  408 km


In Puranas, Girnar, known as Raivatak Parvat, is also known as Ambaji. Lord Krishna built a temple of his family goddess Ambaji here. When Virbhadra decided to marry Subhadra to Duryodhana, Lord Krishna decided not to marry his sister to an ungodly person like Duryodhana. He called Arjuna to Girnar and worshiped Kuladevi at the Ambaji temple and handed over the hand of sister Subhadra to Arjuna and got her married.

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How to reach Junagadh?

Distance from Junagadh

  • Sasan Gir NP – 56 km
  • Somnath – 97 km
  • Rajkot – 106 km
  • Jamnagar – 142 km 
  • Dwarka – 214 km
  • Ahmedabad – 315 km


Once Lord Krishna was going to Somnath with Rukmini for Shiva worship. On the way, they came to a Ness named Atali in the forest of Gir. Here they rested. During the break, Rukmini got into a family talk and climbed a nearby hill. Lord Krishna went to the hill to persuade Rukmini and persuaded her. The temple of Lord Krishna-Rukmini on this hill still reminds us of them.

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Distance from Tulsishyam

  • Diu – 46 km
  • Somnath – 108 km
  • Junagadh – 116 km
  • Rajkot – 171 km
  • Ahmedabad – 324 km
  • Dwarka – 325 km

Prabhas Patan

Today known as Somnath, Lord Krishna had a special relationship with it. Lord Krishna came to worship at Somnath temple with his family. When the Yadavas turned away, Lord Krishna became very distressed. As the final phase of Yugakarma approached, they came here with all the lost memories. Instead of worshiping Shiva, when the Yadavas started fighting among themselves, Lord Krishna killed them all by himself.

How to reach Prabhas Patan?

Prabhas Patan is just 4 minutes away from Somnath Temple.

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Trivenighat is the final abode of Lord Krishna in Karmabhoomi Gujarat. After killing the Yadavas, Lord Krishna came to the confluence of Hiran, Kapila, and Saraswati. Here, in a state of agony, Pipal was sitting with his right foot on his left leg, leaning on his body. Then a hunter named Zara understood the deer and shot an arrow. This arrow hit Lord Krishna’s right foot and this is where Lord Krishna’s Nirvana took place. On the seventh day after Nirvana, Arjuna performed the funeral of Lord Krishna here.

Bhalka Teerth

Bhagwan Shree Krishna was resting in a meditation pose under a pipal tree when the poacher misunderstood the foot of Bhagwan Shree Krishna as a deer and hit it from a distance. Shree Krishna generously pardoned the poacher and blessed him. This divined Leela of Shree Krishna is immortalized by a beautiful temple and an ancient peepal tree. Shree Krishna then walked a small distance and arrived at the holy banks of the river Hiran from where he took his last journey to his Needham.

How to reach Bhalka Teerth?

Prabhas Patan is just 4 km away from Somnath Temple.

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