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Aundha Nagnath Temple

Aundha Nagnath temple is located in the Hingoli district of Maharashtra. This temple of Mahadev is a miracle in itself. The temple is very mythical, proving Mahadev’s love for the devotee. To know more deeply about this temple, our team talked to the priest of the temple, from where we got to know a lot of information.

Aundha Nagnath Temple Timings

The temple opens at 5:30 am in the morning. And the gates of the temple are closed at 5:30 pm. After the worship, the temple remains open till 9:00 pm.

The darshan timings at Aundha Nagnath temple are 5:30 am to 9:00 pm.

Aundha Nagnath Aarti Timings

The aarti timings of Aundha Nagnath temple are 5:30 am daily.

The best time to visit the temple is considered to be Pradosh. Rudri is recited near Shiva in the temple, in which Lord Shiva’s Jalabhishek is done, eleven times Rudri is recited by eleven Brahmins. Devotees come to Shiva with their pain and sorrow. The one who worships here all of his obstacles in life removed.

About Aundha Nagnath Temple

Situated in the Hingoli district of Maharashtra, this Shiva temple is five and a half thousand years old. This temple was built by Pandavas.

When the Pandavas came here, there was a pond where the cows of the Pandavas used to graze. In the group of these cows, a cow named Kapila used to regularly anoint the milk by going to the middle of the pond, as soon as Bhima came to mind, he told his four brothers that Gopal Krishna, while living with them, had to strike the mace three times in the hands of Bhima. Told that the flow of water was removed and the Pandavas found a self-proclaimed stunning Shivling in the middle of the pond and called upon Vishwakarma to establish a temple there.

Vishwakarma established a temple in the Hemanpanthi style out of a single stone. This temple is Nageshwar Aundha Nagnath.

If you look at another story related to this temple, many years ago a demon named Daruk used to live here.

The one who did not let the devotees go for the darshan of Mahadev, then the devotees got upset and prayed to Shiva, then the Lord, taking into account the complaints of the devotees, killed the demon Daruk and also gave the boon of adding the name of the demon to his name till the ages. The temple is also called Nagesh Darukvani.

Along with this, God also protected the devotees like snakes, the poison of venomous snakes hung them upside down in the temple itself. Shiva is also called Nagesh, Nagnath, and Nageshwar.

Generally, the temple is facing east but this temple is facing west. Pleased with the devotion of a devotee, Shiva changed the body of the temple. Turned the temple door backward.

The story related to this tells us to test the devotee Namdev who came in search of his Guru. In which the devotee won his heart by worshiping Shiva. Namdev Maharaj, who came from Pandalpur wanted to make Vishubha Khechar his guru, then the Guru wanted to take his test, in which the Guru asked Namdev Maharaj to do kirtan behind the temple. That he had no knowledge of day and night, nor hunger and thirst, seeing such devotion of the devotee, Shiva turned the face of this time towards the devotee. Hey.

The staff behind this temple came to give the nagara and the tirtha. The temple of Bhakta Namdev and Guru Vishubha Khechar has also been built on the premises of the temple.

The temple complex is spread over sixty acres, apart from the main temple, many temples have also come here. Shani temple, a small temple of Jyotirlinga, in which three goddesses appeared when Bhima struck the mace thrice, the temple of these three ladies is also located here.

Along with many temples, there is also a pool of water here, which is known as Runmochan Teerth. These kinds were also constructed by the Pandavas. Here the color of the water of both the pools is completely different, in the big pool there is green water and in the small pool, black-colored water is visible.

By taking a bath in this pool, one gets freedom from maternal debt and pitrudosh. These kinds are also called Saas-Bahu ka Kund. The craftsmanship of the temple has been done in the Hemal Panthi style.

The history has been described in the sculptures around the temple and along with many idols of the deity have also been carved. This temple, ruined by Aurangzeb, was renovated by Queen Ahalya Bai. This temple was destroyed by Aurangzeb in the Puranic period.

Today this temple has only one floor. The sanctum sanctorum of this temple is located in a small cave at the very bottom where only one person can descend. Many attempts have been made by the engineer to enlarge the sanctum sanctorum of this temple, but the structure of the temple itself has been done in such a way that the engineers also mourned.

Aundha Nagnath Temple Festival

The festival of Shivratri has great significance in this song. Nagarcharya is done by making Shiva sit in Palkhima. Shivji gives darshan to everyone in singing. Three days after the new moon, the marriage ceremony of Shiva is celebrated. Lord Shiva is married to Mata Parvati. The festival of Vijayadashami is also celebrated with great pomp here. The temple is closed.

The people of the village have great reverence for this temple. People worship Lord Shiva like this with their bodies and mind. They come regularly for darshan. Various prasad is offered to Shiva, and various abhishekas are done According to the priest, the Palkhi Yatra of Gajanan Maharaj takes place in this village in the month of Ashadh, which never stops at the temple, but one day it happened that the Nag Devta suddenly appeared in front of the Palkhi and brought the Palkhi to the temple and since then it has not happened for a day. Hua’s Palkhi Yatra did not stop there. This miraculous phenomenon has been seen by the worshiper himself with his own eyes, which makes him feel the divinity of the temple. Shiva fulfills the wishes of all the devotees who have come under his shelter.

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Aundha Nagnath Temple Accomodations 

  1. Vishwa Lad Parishad Sanatorium

  2. Jaihind Mahaveer Sanatorium Health Resort
  3. Kantilal C. Vakharia Sanatorium
  4. Shri Gagangiri Maharaj Ashram
  5. Sai Suresh Dham

“Har Har Mahadev!”

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