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Best time to Visit Igatpuri

About Igatpuri

Igatpuri is an idyllic and picturesque hill station about 130 km from Mumbai and about 45 km from Nashik. Igatpuri is well connected to many major cities by road and rail. Igatpuri is surrounded by high peaks of the Western Sahyadri Range, some with ancient forts. Igatpuri is a popular weekend getaway, particularly for Mumbaikars. It is also a favorite with nature enthusiasts, campers, and trekkers.  

Igatpuri is a wonderful getaway for a weekend or an extended stay. There are numerous places of interest for all walks of the visitor. The ideal destination that can be relaxing, refreshing, and also full of activity.

Choosing the right time to visit any place is something that has to be carefully considered to make our trip enjoyable. A little information about the destination is always very handy. Let us take a look at the different seasons in Igatpuri with their pros and cons.

Best time to Visit Igatpuri

Mid-June to October end  –  a good time to go

This is the monsoon season and the Best time to visit Igatpuri. The arrival of rain transforms the countryside with flowers blooming all around amidst the green landscape. Waterfalls and springs are rejuvenated and add an enchanting touch to the verdant scenery. Low clouds and mist make the atmosphere dreamy and magical. Large meadows on the horizon are now a brighter shade of green.  Daytime temperatures are low and the nights are cool. 

November to February end  – a good time to go

This is the winter season and also a very good time to go. The rains have gone, leaving behind a cool and fragrant countryside. Flowers are to be seen everywhere and the atmosphere is clean and crisp. Temperatures remain in between 15 degrees and 25 degrees Celsius. This makes for the perfect weather to go exploring the numerous temples, forts, valleys, waterfalls in the vicinity, and the countryside in general.

March to mid-June –  to be avoided

This is the summer season and not the ideal time to visit Igatpuri. Temperatures are high during the day and the sun is hot. Most of the activity in Igatpuri would be done outdoors and in Summers this could be strenuous and tiring.

How to reach Igatpuri

Igatpuri has its own railway station which is well connected to major cities in India and is on the mainline.

Mumbai Airport is about 121 km from Igatpuri.

Accommodation in Igatpuri

Igatpuri has numerous hotels, resorts, guesthouses, and lodges. It is advisable to book in advance to avoid last minute hassle and disappointment. Listed below are some hotels in Igatpuri 

Distances from Igatpuri

Nashik – 46 km

Trimbak – 54 km

Bhimashankar – 115 km

Shirdi – 121 km

Mumbai – 136 km

Check Things to do in Igatpuri

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