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Bet Dwarka Temple Timings, Distance, Ferry Prices and More

Pavan Dham Sona Ni Dwarka

Bet Dwarka is an island in the Gulf of Kutch. The island is also known as Shankhodhar. It is the actual residence of Lord Krishna. Bet Dwarka is accessible by boat from Okha. In addition, there are boats regularly available from Okha to Bet Dwarka.

Moreover, it is said that it was the home of Lord Krishna and he stayed with his family at Bet Dwarka. The place derives its name from the word ‘Beyt’ which means gift and it was given by Sudhama to Lord Krishna. Beyt Dwarka is also mentioned in the ancient epic, the Mahabharata, as Antardvipa.

People from distant places come to visit Dwarka. Then they go to the Dwarkadhish Temple. From here, they would visit Nageshwar Jyotirlinga. Nageshwar Jyotirlinga is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga. The shrine is also mentioned in the Shiva Purana.

Bet Dwarka Temple Timings

Temple TimingsMorning: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Evening: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Boat Timings6:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Boat PricesPublic Boats: Rs.10 to Rs.30 (per person)
Private Boats: Rs.2000

Bet Dwarka Boat Timings and Price

Boat service from Okha to Bet Dwarka is available from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The price of this boat service is mentioned below.

Boat TypePrice
Public BoatsRs.10 to Rs.30
Private BoatsRs.2000

The boat is available every 10 to 15 minutes and once it gets filled with passengers, it will leave for Bet Dwarka and take 15 to 20 minutes to reach Bet Dwarka.

Bet Dwarka Temple Timings and Boat service

History of Bet Dwarka

  • The Bet Dwarka is considered to be the place of Lord Krishna during the rule of Dwarka. It is said that Lord Krishna resides with his family.
  • Do you know what the meaning of “bet” is? Let me tell you that “bet” means “gift” that Lord Krishna received from his friend Sudama.
  • In our ancient book, the Mahabharata, we come across the reference to Bet Dwarka, known by the word “Antardvipa”. Bet Dwarka is also known as Shankhodara, as the place consists of a huge number and variety of conch shells.
  • The Gujarat Temple by the sea is better known. The investigation carried out under the sea came across some things or materials whose age can be said to be the era of Harappan civilization and Mauryan rule.
  • The region was also under the rule of Gaekwad (the State of Baroda).
  • After independence, the place was under the Saurashtra State, which later merged with the State of Mumbai. After the division of the Gujarat State and Maharashtra State, the Bet Dwarka and Dwarka came into the Gujarat State.

Dwarka to Bet Dwarka Distance

To visit Beyt Dwarka, the trip is divided into two parts, i.e., from Dwarka to Okha by buses, taxis, or personal vehicles and the distance is around 32km. After reaching Okha, there is just a distance of 5km to Bet Dwarka. This is to be done by small boats or ferries (public boats).

Dwarka to Nageshwar Temple

Nageshwar Temple is 16.6 km away from Dwarka. You can reach Nageshwar temple by your personal vehicle, cab, or bus.

Nageshwar to Bet Dwarka

Nageshwar Temple is 22.8 km from Bet Dwarka. There are regular buses and cabs travelling from Nageshwar Temple to Bet Dwarka.

Nearby Places to Visit in Bet Dwarka

1. Shri Keshavraiji Temple

Shri Keshavraiji Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna in Bet Dwarka. At Keshavrai Temple, “Rice” is offered to Lord Krishna as his friend Sudama has bought rice as a gift for Lord Krishna.

It is the best Spiritual and Religious place to visit during the visit to Bet Dwarka.

2. Hanuman Dandi

Hanuman Dandi, Bet Dwarka

Hanuman Dandi Temple located in Bet Dwarka is the idol of Lord Hanuman and Makardhwaja the son of Hanuman.

The Only Temple was the son of the Hanuman Worshipped.

Other Temples to Visit in Bet Dwarka

There are many other temples to visit near Bet Dwarka like

Jain Temples in Bet Dwarka

There is a Jain temple in Bet Dwarka where one can pay tribute to the 24 Tirthankars of the Jain community.

Dargahs in Bet Dwarka

Bet Dwarka is also two Islamic dargahs. One Sidi Baba Peer Dargah and Haji Kirmai Dargah are the two main Dargahs located in Bet Dwarka.

How To Reach Dwarka?

By Rail

Dwarka has its own railway station. Dwarka railway station connects well to all major cities of the country. The railway station is about 1.7 Km from the city centre. Taxis and autorickshaws are easily available to reach anywhere in the city.

By Road

It is convenient to travel to Dwarka by road. Several state transport and private buses run to-and-fro in Dwarka at regular intervals. Dwarka is connected to several state highways and the roads are also quite good.

By Air

Porbandar Airport is nearest to Dwarka. Dwarka is 110 km from Porbandar Airport. Even though Jamnagar Airport is 127 km away from Dwarka, Jamnagar Airport and Porbandar Airport are well connected to major cities in India. After reaching the airport, you can easily travel to Dwarka either by public transport or by hiring a taxi.

Bet Dwarka Temple Timings

Best Time to Visit The Bet Dwarka

  • The Best Time to visit Bet Dwarka is Between October and March. That is the time when the region experiences the winter.
  • Winter at Bet Dwarka is not very severe, weather is pleasant enough to be travel-worthy. Average temperatures during winter are around 20 degrees to 28 degrees so it is bearable.
  • During summer due to a lot of heat, it will be more uncomfortable for small children and adults to visit the Bet Dwarka.
  • During Monsoon in Bet Dwarka lot of rain is found there so it creates an uncomfortable environment for the guests to visit every place of the Dwarka.

Accommodation in Dwarka

If you are looking for a stay in Dwarka, then here you can choose budget-friendly hotels and Dharamshala for a stay according to your needs and budget, with all the facilities.

Dharamshalas are the best place to stay in Dwarka. Some of the best Dharamshalas in Dwarka are listed below.

For more options to stay, visit our top-pick Accommodation in Dwarka.

At last, Bet Dwarka is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna and is located in the Dwarka district of Gujarat, India. The temple is one of the four major pilgrimage sites for Hindus in India and is also a popular tourist destination.

I hope this information will be helpful to you. Send it to your family and friends who are planning to visit Dwarka and Bet Dwarka. If you have any queries, then let us know in the comment section.

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Kinjal Jesani is a travel blogger acknowledging you about the India's pilgrimage site. Get ready for a knowing about a mysterious temple to a popular pilgrimage site with her. Thanks!


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