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Chardham Yatra 2021: Devotees are allowed without Epass

Chardham Yatra is Open to everyone without any restriction on the number of devotees.

As stated by the high court there is no restriction on Chardham Yatra and all the devotees will be able to have darshan as the high court has lifted the ban on the number of devotees visiting Chardham yatra. Along with this devotees can visit Chardh

Chardham Yatra Opens for all Devotees 

On Tuesday the high court decided to increase the number of pilgrims of Chardham Yatra. And remove the ban that was implemented previously on the number of travelers to visit.

Thus government got a big relief from the order of the court that now devotees will be able to go for Chardham darshan unabated. The court has also made it clear that the government must ensure that the Covid protocols are followed by the devotees.

Chardham Epass Not Required

Chardham devotees have great news regarding Chardham Epass as devotees are allowed to visit Chardham without Epass registration.

During the hearing in the division bench of Chief Justice RS Chauhan and Justice Alok Kumar Verma on Tuesday, Advocate General SN Babulkar and Chief Standing Advocate Chandrashekhar Rawat, appearing for the government, said that in view of Covid to travel to Chardham, the court had earlier ordered devotees to visit Chardham. The number was fixed, but at present, the cases of Covid are coming in the state negligible, so the order of the prescribed number of devotees for Chardham Yatra should be amended.

The Advocate General also said before the court that less than 40 days are left for the Dharadham Yatra to end, so all the devotees who are coming should be allowed to have darshan. The devotees who are registering for online darshan are not coming, due to which the local people are threatening their livelihood. Every effort is being made to get the government to follow the guidelines given earlier by the court.

About Chardham Yatra Restrictions

All facilities are made available in Chardham Yatra. It has also been said by the government that the ban on the prescribed number of devotees to travel to Chardham should be removed or the number of devotees should be increased from three to four thousand per day. The court stated in the past, to allow 800 devotees to visit Kedarnath Dham, 1000 in Badrinath Dham, 600 in Gangotri, 400 in Yamunotri Dham every day to visit Chardham. But now all the devotees can visit Chardham darshan without any ban on the number of visitors and devotees need to follow all the covid guidelines while visiting Chardham Yatra.


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