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Dwarka Darshan – Things You Must Do In Dwarka | Place to visit

“Krishna ki leela toh hai
Dwarka jaake toh burainyaan
bhi maan leti hai haar,
Uski aarti,uska prabhav,
Itna mahatvapurna uska
haav !”

Dwarka,  the ultimate “Chardham” Yatra and destination. The destined for Lord Krishna, worshipped by Hindus all over the world is the ultimate Dham for attaining sheer peace and relaxing oneself from the unnerving vibes of the fast competitive world.

Let’s have time travel. Turn the cosmic clock back, let tour imagination plummet into 1500 BC and imagine the City of God, the mesmerizing Kingdom of the Muralidhar.
Can you believe it? Dwarka is the only place to be common between the CHARDHAMS and the SAPTA-PURIS!

This historical place of ravishing gardens holds the records of attending thousands of visitors every Janmashtami.

If you ever find yourself at the laps of Dwarka…

1) Get yourself at the Nageshwar Jyotirling Temple (One of the 12 Jyotirlingas).
2) Don’t fail to visit the Bhadakeshwar Mahadev and the Beyt Dwarka Island.
3) Make a point to attend the 7 pm aarti at the shores of the Dwarkadhish heavenly abodes, fluttering the orange flags. It’s really surprising to know about the Dhwaja  Arohan ceremony. It’s no less than a festival for the devotees, nothing less than a family event..! Every day the Dhwaja is changed 5 distinct times. It has its own unique importance in the eyes of the Krishna Bhakts.

Additionally, you’ll have the serene nature of the Dwarka beach that shall offer you the waves which, in turn, shall cool down the rushing questions of life!

There are numerous transportation ways:

A) BY ROADS: Direct buses are available from Jamnagar, Ahmedabad, Rajkot.
B) BY TRAINS: Dwarka is the mid-stop for the passengers of the Ahmedabad -Okha Express.
C) BY AIR: The Nearest airport is Jamnagar airport (137 Km).

Don’t fail to get to the Marine national park! While there are so much adventure and excitement awaiting…what’s keeping you back?

Get ready for a holistic approach to the world of travel and tourism @ YatraDham.Org!

Jay Dwarka Dhish!

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