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“Fagun Sud Teras” OR Chh Gaon Jatra Of “SHATRUNJAY MAHATIRTH”

Chh Gaon Jatra of “Shatrunjay Mahatirth”/Palitana is a very popular and well-known Tirth

Yatra amongst Jains. It is considered pious and scared and beyond comparison with other pilgrimages within Jains. Every Jain would wish to undertake this pilgrimage once in their lives as the virtues of this pilgrimage is holy and desirable to reach Nirvana.
This day, also known as “Fagun Sud Teras” falls somewhere between February- March every year. Over lakhs of Jains travel to the holy place to attain salvation of the Satrunjay Mahatirth Palitana Hill. The pilgrimage is 3 times bigger than other pilgrimages and it involves walking of nearly 15-18 kilometers on hilly terrain.
The devotees travel to perform their religious rituals to Cow – who is considered sacred being in Hindu religion. They have to travel till Sidhvad – the ending point of pilgrimage.
Whereas the beginning point is Jay Talati. The saga says that in Sidhvad, there is a large tree under which in past, many saint people have achieved Nirvana and their souls have found peace here. The legend continues to explain that if you travel barefoot till Sidhvad, you will too be one amongst the saints. As the Chh Gaon Jatra is equivalent to all the other pilgrimage’s undertaken to any other Jain Tirth Sathal. Some people even claim that by sitting and chanting under the scared tree, all your wishes would be fulfilled.
Sidhvad comes on the border of Adhipur village that has been named after Lord Adhinath. It is believed that whenever Lord Adhinath visited Shatrunjay, he used to stay at Adhipur for some time. Therefore, the importance of this route increased drastically over last many years. Many saints have found their Nirvana here due to which, there are many strict rituals that need to be followed, if you are undertaking this Jatra.

We have listed some of them below:

  •  The dress code for males is white. They should be wearing white shirt with Dhoti or Pants/Jeans in white.
  •  The females have to wear saree or suits in white. No modern dressing is allowed.
  •  The Yatra should start after 5:30 am.
  •  Ban on monbiles and other gadgets.
  •  You have to serve and help other people if needed.
  •  Outside food is not allowed in the Tirth yatra and you cannot consume food until you have visited and seek blessings of Lord.
  •  The main places to visit are Deshwar dada Darshan , Chandan talavdi, hinghdhaj hadds steps dardhan, and visiting to sidhvadh derasar
  •  Unless you have visited Sidhvadh Derasar, the pilgrimage would not be considered complete.


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