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Fullara Devi Shaktipeeth in West Bengal – Timings, History & Architecture

Fullara Devi Shaktipeeth, West Bengal

Fhullara Devi Shaktipeeth Temple

Fullara Devi temple in Birbhum West Bengal called Dakshindih, Kolkata in the state of West Bengal, is also known as Attahas Shaktipeeth. Located on the banks of the Ishani River, it is believed the lower lip of Sati Mata fell at this place. The word Attahasa means laughter and it is believed that the Goddess’s lower lips fell here. The temple is a site of Hindu pilgrimage throughout the year. The exact date and the origin of the first temple are still unknown.

The Daksha Yagna

Daksha the father of Goddess Sati insulted Lord Shiva and Goddess Sati. He did not invite them to Daksha Yagna. Though Lord Shiva was unwilling to send Goddess Sati to Daksha Yagna, Sati adamantly went there, for it was her father who had arranged for the Yagna. Daksha instead of welcoming his daughter Sati insulted her and Lord Shiva. Hurt and angry Goddess Sati plunged into the sacred fire of Yagna and sacrificed herself.

When Lord shiva got to know this, he was furious and started doing Bhairava Nratya to destroy the world. To stop this, lord Vishnu cut the body of Sati with his Chakra. The body parts are placed in 52 different parts of the world. Those are the renowned 51 Shakti peethas. In this temple Goddess Sati’s lower lip is placed and worshiped as Phullara.

Attahas Shaktipeeth

Attahas Shaktipeeth Temple

Two Sanskrit words combine to make the word Attahas. Translated, this means loud laughter. This temple is an important center for Tantrik Shaktism and many Tantriks can be seen performing rituals and puja here. There was an ancient temple here which is confirmed by archaeological evidence. It is not known when this ancient temple was built.

The original Murti of the temple was kept in a museum and re-enshrined in 1915 A.D. The stone Murti is in the form of a lip and is about 18 feet high. Also enshrined in the temple are of two Murtis – one of Bhavani Mata and another is of Parvati Mata. Adjacent to the temple is a small shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva.


There is no proper idol of the Goddess dedicated. A stone of around 15 feet symbolizes the lower lip of Shakti. Here, the deity is worshipped as Maa Phullora which means Blooming. Along with Her, Lord Bhairav, Her companion is worshipped as Lord Vishwesh. An idol of Mahadev sitting on a lotus is created adjacent to the temple complex.

Though the temple does not resemble glory, the marble-made structure is aesthetically designed which is very pleasing for the onlookers. The overall ambiance is the place is very divine and peaceful which attracts tourists to explore the temple along with its religious significance.

Famous Festival

A 10-day fair is held at the Attahas Shaktipeeth Temple every year during Magh Purnima.

Darshan Dresscode

Women have to wear clean sarees while men are supposed to be in dhoti or pajama along with Kurta while entering the Attahas temple.

Temple Rituals

The daily puja and aarti are offered to the Goddess and Her Bhairav Lord Vishwesh in the morning and in the evening along with rice or anna bhoga.

The Legend of the Blue Lotuses

A story connected with this temple is that there used to be a Divine pond near the temple. Once, when Shri Rama wanted to pray to Durga Mata, Hanumanji collected 108 blue lotuses from this pond. The pond does not exist now.

Temple Timings 

  • 5:30 AM to 1:00 PM
  • 3:30 PM to  8:30 PM

How to reach Attahas Shaktipeeth

  • Attahas Shaktipeeth is around 2 Km from Round Srirampur village.
  • The nearest railway station is Labhpur, about 30 Km from the temple.
  • Durgapur Airport is about 114 Km from the temple.
  • Kolkata Airport is about 168 Km from the temple.

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There are 51 Shakti Peethas across the country, of these 4 are considered as Adi Shaktipeeth and 18 as Maha Shakti Peethas. Book Tour Package to Attahas Shaktipeeth Temple Phullara in West Bengal.

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