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Girnar Parikrama 2023 Date, Route, Distance – YatraDham

Girnar Parikrama 2023 date is November 23 to November 27. Know more about the Girnar Parikrama Route Map, Distance, and Temples.

Girnar Parikrama is a religious walk to the temples located in the Junagadh forests in western Gujarat. Girnar Parikrama 2022 start date is from 4th November. This is a 36 km religious walk that covers challenging mountainous terrain and forest. More than 100,000 pilgrims participate in this parikrama. According to the Indian moon calendar, Girnar Parikrama begins from the Ekadasi on Shukla Paksha of Kartik Month and five days later on Kartik Purnima day.

The parikrama will start after midnight on 4 November at 12 am.

The parikrama brings all the different castes and community people together on this pious occasion.

Girnar Parikrama Route Distance

Bhavnath to Zina Bava Ni Madhi – 12 km

Zina Bava Ni Madhi to Malvela – 8 km

Malvela to Bordevi – 8 km

Bordevi to Bhavnath – 8 km

Girnar Parikrama 2023 Route

girnar parikrama route

Bhavnath to Zina Bava Ni Madhi

  • The parikrama begins at Dudheshwar Temple at Bhavnath in Junagadh. Pilgrims walk through a dense forest via the “Intwa Ni Ghodi”. 
  • After they pass, they reach “Zina Bava Ni Madhi” located near the largest dam of Junagadh known as Hasnapur Dam. Pilgrims generally do a night halt here.

Chandra Mauleshwar Temple

Chandra Mauleshwar is a beautiful temple situated here in “Raniyo Kuvo”. Lions sightseeing can also be done. The entry is banned here and pilgrims need to have the permission from Dept. of Forests to enter this temple.

Zina Bava Ni Madhi to Malvela

Two options are available for pilgrims from Zina Bava Ni Madhi.

  1. Pilgrims can directly reach Malvela from here.
  2. Malvela via Sarkhadiya Hanuman

Located amidst dense forest Sarkhadiya Hanuman is among the best Hanuman temple in Junagadh. Pilgrims visiting the temple can often hear Lion roars and watch deer nearby. Suraj-kund is a must-visit place near the temple.

Malvela to Bordevi

After reaching Malvela pilgrims have to pass the toughest ghodi. It is also known as “Nal-Pani Ghodi” or “Madvela Ni Ghodi”. The one visiting this ghodi needs to take great care as the ghodi is inclined and a maximum number of accidents are reported from this place. Many aged pilgrims find it difficult to pass the ghodi. 

After reaching the top of ghodi there is a small hut located that counts the no. of pilgrims undertaking the parikrama. After which the pilgrims have to climb down the steep elevation of nalpani ghodi and they reach “Bordevi”.

Bordevi to Bhavnath

Surrounded by the beautiful mango trees on the three sides, there is a temple, dedicated to the goddess in Bordevi. Places like Kaala-Ghuno and Tataniyo Ghuno, near Bordevi carry water all the year round. Crocodiles shelter in Tataniyo Ghuno or Khodiyar Ghuno. Bordevi is surrounded by unleashed nature and provides a pleasant atmosphere.

Finally after completing this religious adventurous journey pilgrims start moving to Bhavnath Taleti and end their Parikrama.

Dharamshala Near Girnar Taleti

Bhavnath Taleti is where the Parikrama begins and most pilgrims prefer staying near the Taleti. Here are the two popular stays near Bhavnath Taleti where you can have your night halt after the parikrama.

1. Prernadham Lal Gebi Ashram 

Located just 500 mt from Girnar Taleti and 200 mt from Bhavnath Temple, Prernadham Lal Gebi Ashram offers four, five, and seven-bedded rooms. Meals are served in the bhojanalaya. Parking facilities for vehicles are available. The ashram is located amidst verdant surroundings with clean and spacious rooms. For more details about price and online booking please click below.

2. Shri Vanza Gnati Dharamshala

Located right on the opposite side of Bhavnath Mahadev Temple and 500 metersfrom Girnar Taleti, Shri Vanza Gnati Dharamshala offers two and four bedded rooms as well as dormitory accommodation. Parking space for vehicles is available. For more details about price and online booking please click below.

Furthermore, If you want more accommodation options in Junagadh then please check out our Junagadh Dharamshala and Hotel Page.

Girnar Distance from Nearby Cities:

Junagadh to Girnar: 32.5 km

Rajkot to Girnar: 102.7 km

Somnath to Girnar:110.9 km

Palitana to Girnar: 162.9 km

Dwarka to Girnar: 246.9 km

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