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Hari Ki Pauri – Ganga Aarti

Har Ki Pauri – Ganga Aarti Haridwar and Darshan Timings.

Read further to get details of Ganga Aarti timings, darshan, and pooja details at Hari Ki Pauri.

Har Ki Pauri is a famous ghat of Ganga in Haridwar. This is the place where the grand Ganga Aarti is performed in the presence of thousands of people. This is a place where it is believed that Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva visited the Brahmakund. ‘Har‘ means ‘Lord Shiva‘, ‘Ki‘ means ‘of‘ and ‘Pauri’ means ‘steps.’ Hari Ki Pauri means the steps of Shiva. This is the place from where Ganga enters the mountains from the plains.

Ganga Aarti timings at Hari Ki Pauri –

Morning Ganga Aarti Timings – 5:30 AM to 6:30 AM

Evening Ganga Aarti Timings in Summer – 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Evening Ganga Aarti Timings in Winter– 05:30 pm to 06:30 pm

Ganga Aarti may last for 45 Minutes both during the morning and evening.
The timings are supposed to observe minor changes considering the seasons. However, Aarti may still begin within above mentioned time.

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Ganga Details

Who performs Ganga Aarti ?

Ganga Aarti is performed by young pandits dressed in saffron clothes. Conch will be blown by them. Incense sticks will be lit. They will lit lamps while chanting hyms. They will make all the preparations for the Ganga Aarti.

How can you watch Ganga Aarti?

Ganga Aarti is performed at Hari Ki Pauri Ghat. You need to walk about 800 metres after boarding your vehicle. It is a crowded market through which you need to walk. You need to reach 2-3 hours before the Ganga Aarti begins as there is too much rush.

You can get on the island ‘Malviya Dwip’ near the river before the Ganga Aarti and take blessings. During Ganga Aarti people also sit on a boat and enjoy the Aarti. But this is a bit costly. Also, the boat charges will be lighter than normal charges. You can also take the help of guides who will help to get the advantage of all the ceremonies from getting blessings of pandit to holding lamps.

How is Ganga Aarti performed?

The Ganga Aarti marks sunset and sunrise thus it will be performed before sunrise and after sunset. First, the idol of Ganga from the nearby temple is brought. People promise not to pollute Ganga by chanting ‘Har Har Gange.’ The priest all this time is chanting shlokas and preparing for the Aarti. The Aarti thus will begin after some time. The aarti is carried out facing the river. The lamps are lit and circled around by the pandits in a clockwise manner, accompanied by changing of songs in praise of Mother Ganga. The idea is that the lamps acquire the power of the deity. After the ritual is complete, devotees will cup their hands over the flame and raise their palms to their forehead in order to get the purification and blessing of the Goddess. Ganga Aarti ends with the priest pouring water into the river.

Which is the best time to see Ganga?

Ganga Aarti is unique during the Kartik Purnima that may fall in the month of Oct or Nov.

How can you reach Hari Ki Pauri Ghat?

Hari Ki Pauri is the famous place where the grand Ganga Aarti is performed. You easily reach Haridwar by railways or by road as it is well-connected to several places across the country. Dehradun’s Jolly Grant airport is located just 20 Kms from Haridwar. Then you can hire a vehicle to reach to your accommodation or Hari Ki Pauri.

How is pooja performed at Hari Ki Pauri?

At Hari Ki Pauri you can ask the priest to perform pooja to resolve the issues of wealth, prosperity, personal or family problems, or anything else. You need to give birth details or some other information he asks for. The priest will make all preparations and will give you a prasad. Then, you have to give some donations to the priest.

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