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Hazira-Diu Cruise ferry Service Begin from 31st March 2021

Today, Minister Mansukhbhai Mandaviya inaugurated the Hazira Port in Surat to Diu Island Cruise Ferry service.

Great news for all who love cruise trips. The much-awaited Cruise Ferry service connecting Hazira (Surat) to Diu is to start operations on the 31st  of March 2021. 

What is The New Hazira-Diu Cruise Ferry Service?

A cruise ship will leave Hazira every Monday and Wednesday and reach Diu the next day in the morning. 

The return journey will take place on the same day in the evening from Diu and end at Hazira the next day in the morning. 

One side journey will take 13 to 14 hours time. 

The distance between both the ports is 584 (Land route).

The capacity of Hazira Diu Cruize ferry Service:

A 300-passenger capacity cruise ship will have 16 cabins.

 It will make two round trips in a week.

 It will take passengers to high-sea on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Facilities of Hazira Diu Cruize ferry Service:

A cruise ship has a gaming lounge, VIP lounge, entertainment on deck, etc latest facilities. 

Ticket price of Hazira Diu Cruise Ferry Service:

Tariff Schedule (Hazira — Diu — Hazira Sector) 


Per Passenger 

Hatira-Diu Sector, Diu -Hazira or Hazira – Diu each side 

INR 1200/- + Taxes(Per Head) 

Return Ticket 

INR 1700/- + Taxes(Per Head) 

Food and Beverage on Ala-carte

Cabin: To be booked separately, not part of the entry ticket 

Kids under 8 years 

50%tariff but the cabin has to be booked by a guardian 

Cabin single occupancy 

INR 3500/- + taxes (Including coin of 500 nonrefundable) 

Double occupancy 

INR 5000/- + taxes (Including coin of 1000 nonrefundable)

VIP Lounge: 

Unlimited food and access to all parts of the ship INR 3000/- + Taxes) Coin of INR 500) 

Gaming: Everyone will be given a preloaded card to play and can be upgraded on board. 

Similar Tariff for Hadra-High Sea Sailing (Evening Departure and next day Morning Return)

Latest Price Update:

Cruise Before After
Hazira – Diu 900 1200
Hazira – Diu – Surat 1700 2400
Hazira – High Sea – Hazira 900 1000
Diu – High Sea – Diu 900 1000

Hazira-Diu Cruise ferry Service Video

Proposed Schedule of Hazira Diu Cruize Ferry Services by Operator ESSAR PORTS:

Schedule for Ferry Service Ex. Hazira: Regular twice a week Hazira- Diu and Hazira-High Sea as follows

 Monday Evening Hazira Departure

Tuesday Morning Diu Arrival 

Tuesday Evening Diu Departure 

Wednesday Morning Hazira Arrival 

Same to be repeated from Wednesday Evening till arrival back Hazira on Friday Morning

Voyage time (one side): 13-14 hours

Sch Friday/Saturday/Sunday 

Hazira departure evening: High Sea

Hazira returned the next day morning around 7 am- to 8 am. 

Hazira-Diu Cruise Ferry Ticket Booking:

Hazira-Diu Cruise Ferry Booking

Entry at Terminal:

* QR code will be sent to the guest 

QR code will have Visitor and Guest

The visitor is a free category and cannot sail with the vessel /only Guest with QR code can sail 

All these databases will be saved with us. 

Scanning will be done at the main gate and the same information will be passed to the vessel via a network. 

Guest security check will be done at vessel entry.

Around four months ago, a ro-pax ferry service connecting Hazira (Surat) and Ghogha (Bhavnagar) was launched. It has so far carried over one lakh passengers in addition to thousands of vehicles. 

For Booking of Dharamshala stay in Somnath & Statue of Unity with advanced facilities.

Accommodation Option in Somnath Accommodation Option in Statue of Unity

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1 year ago

At Present Feery is Running betwwen Diu to Surat/Hazira?

Atul patel
Atul patel
1 year ago

Isme 900 rate showkar raha hai lekin website main jaye to 1200 rate show kar raha hai… Ye sab different rate kyu hai?

1 year ago

Div to surat price

Aadil boghani
Aadil boghani
1 year ago

how to book ticket for surat-diu ferry

1 year ago

Is SUV car allowed?

lomas andarsan
lomas andarsan
1 year ago

how to book ticket for surat-diu ferry?

1 year ago

Want to book roro ferry tktfor Diu

shakti gohel
shakti gohel
1 year ago

how much for car ?

Harshad Dalsukhbhai Padia
Harshad Dalsukhbhai Padia
2 years ago


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