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How to check Refund on YatraDham.Org?

Step 1: Login into YatraDham.Org  Account

  • After logging in click on “My Account“.
  • Under the “My Account” option, select “My Profile” and then select “My Bookings“.
    Yatradham Refund Process
    Yatradham Refund Process

Step:2 Select your booking ID where the Refund is initiated By YatraDham.Org

  • Click on + sign See Option Refund Status.
  • Note:- If a Refund is not initiated then Alert Show No Refund Found on this Booking
    Refund Process Step 2
    Refund Process Step 2

    If Refund Initiated then Show Refund Process

  • Here you Can See Bank Reference Number and Success Date
Yatradham Refund Details
Yatradham Refund Details

It takes 5-12 working days for refunds to reflect in Bank AC/Credit Card/Wallet.

As always, let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your experience better. Your feedback is always appreciated.



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