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Irattai Tirupathi Devapiran Perumal Temple Timings [Thirutholavallimangalam]

Irattai Tirupathi  Devapiran Perumal Temple in Thirutholavallimangalam one of the twin Nava Tirupathi temples here. The other temple is the Aravindalochanar Perumal Temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is a Divya Desam and a Navgraha temple. The planetary deity here is Ketu. Lord Vishnu is known as Devapiran and Lakshmi Mata as Karunthadankann.

Somakasura and the four Vedas

Somakasura, a demon, had stolen the four Vedas from Lord Brahma. Lord Vishnu recovered them after Brahmaji prayed to Him and agreed to stay in this temple and also in Srivaikuntam. Lord Vishnu had also appeared for Sage Athreya Suprabha. Lord Vishnu decided to make this place His abode along with the Aravindalochanar Perumal Temple.

Irattai Tirupathi Devapiran Perumal TempleTimings

6.00 AM to 12 Noon

1.00 PM to 5.00 PM


Irattai Tirupathi Devapiran Perumal Temple Pujas and Aartis

8.30 AM  Kaala Shanti Pooja 

11.30 AM   Uchchi Kaala Pooja 

06.00 PM   Sayaratchi Pooja 

08.00 PM   Aravanai Pooja 

Nearby places to visit



Nava Tirupathi

Agni Amman Kovil

Kadambankulam Lake

How to reach Thirutholavallimangalam

Srivaikuntam railway station is 9 km from the temple.

Tiruchendur railway station is  26 km from the temple.

Madurai Airport is 167 km from the temple.

Distances from Thirutholavallimangalam 

Tirunelveli – 30 km

Tiruchendur – 31 km

Kanyakumari – 105 km

Madurai – 175 km

Rameshwaram – 217 km

For more information visit, Irattai Tirupathi Devapiran Perumal Temple

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