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Janmashtami 2020 |Janmashtami 2020 date in Indian Calender| When is Janmashtami in 2020

Janmashtami is a major festival of INDIA. It is celebrated on most parts of the country, but especially in Mathura-Vrindavan, Dwarka, Dakor, and Guruvayur, this festival has a unique and larger than life celebrations. Go through this blog to know how the festival is celebrated at major Krishna Temples in INDIA.

1. Janmashtami at Vrindavan-Mathura-Barsana:

Janmashtami 2019 Mathura Vrindavan Barsana

24th August marks 5246th birth anniversary of Lord Krishna, who was born in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.

Timeline of Janmashtami celebrations at Mathura-Vrindavan Temples:

Nashira Puja Time – On 24th August from11.59 PM to 12.44 AM(Duration: 45 minutes)

Dahi Handi – On 25th August, Sunday.

Part-Time – On 25th August from 5.58 AM onwards.

NOTE: On Parna Day, Ashtami tithi & Rohini nakshatra got over before sunrise.



2.Janmashtami in Dwarka, Gujarat:

Janmashtami 2019 Dwarka

Dwarka holds a special place for Lord Krishna because he lived here for a major time of his life. 

Timeline on the day of Janmashtami at Dwarkadhish Temple, Dwarka:

Janmashtami Puja – On 24th August at 7.00 AM

Abhishek of Lord Krishna – On 24th August from 8.00 AM to 10.00 AM

Shringar of Lord Krishna – After the bath, Lord Krishna is adorned with cloths & ornaments. Lord is made to wear Pitambar (a yellow-colored cloth) and ornaments consist of Chandan Mala & Vaijanti Mala.

After the Shringar, curtains are removed and devotees are allowed to do darshan of the Lord.

Shayan Bhog & Shayan Aarti:

After the Evening Aarti, Lord is offered, sweets. Devotees are not allowed to darshan during this time around 9.00 PM.

Around 10.30 PM, the darshan is opened again for devotees during Janmashtami celebrations. Utsav Bhog is offered around 11.30 PM.

Devotees welcome the Lord at 12.00 AM and after nearly two-hour celebrations, the temple closes at 2 AM.

3.Janmashtami at Dakor:



Timeline on the Janmashtami Day at Ranchhodrai Temple, Dakor:

Mangla Aarti – On 24th August at 6.45 AM

Darshan Open for Devotees – On 24th August till 12.30 PM

Darshan for Janmashtami Celebrations – On 24th August, Mandir will be open from 5 PM to 5 AM – Darshan will be open overnight for Devotees.



4. Janmashtami at Guruvauyur:

In the month of Chingam, under the Rohini nakshatra, the eighth day of the Waning moon of Shravana is the day of Lord Krishna’s birth.

Guruvayur devasawam itself offers Nirmala. Devotees flock in with appam, considered as the most favorite food of the Lord on that Day.

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