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Jayadurga Temple, Baidyanathdham – Timings, History & How to Reach

Jayadurga Temple,  Baidyanathdham, Jharkhand  

Jayadurga Shaktipeeth Temple in Deoghar is situated within the Baidyanath Jyotirling temple complex. The heart of Sati Mata fell at this spot, and for that reason, it is also known as Hridayapeeth. Also known as Baba Dham, this is one of the most important religious destinations in India. This is because it is one of the few places where a Jyotirling Temple and Shaktipeeth are sided by side. It is also a center for Tantrik Shaktism.

Sati Mata’s Sacrifice for Honour

When Sati Mata’s father – Daksha Prajapati organized a grand Yagya, he did not invite Lord Shiva. Against Mahadev’s advice, Sati Mata went to attend the Yagya. There Lord Shiva was insulted publicly by Daksha Prajapati. Angry and unable to bear this insult, Sati Mata ended Her life by entering the Yagya Fire. Lord Shiva destroyed the Yagya and beheaded Daksha Prajapati. When everyone pleaded for mercy, He restored Daksha Prajapati’s life, but with the head of a goat. Lord Shiva then picked up Sati Mata’s body and started His Tandav Nritya in the sky. To save the world from great harm, Lord Vishnu separated Mahadev from Sati Mata’s body. He sent His Sudarshan Chakra which cut Sati Mata’s body into 51 parts. The places where these parts fell came to be Shaktipeeths.

Baidyanath Jayadurga Temple is also a Chitbhoomi

When Sati Mata was cut into 51 pieces by Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshan Chakra, this was the place where Her heart fell. When Lord Shiva’s Tandav Nritya ended, He came here and cremated Mata Sati’s heart. Thereafter the place came to be known as Chit-Bhoomi.  Then, a saddened Lord Shiva returned to Mount Kailash and went into a deep and prolonged Samadhi.

Jayadurga Temple

The Jayadurga temple is a simple but attractive structure made of stone with a height of 72 feet. In the sanctum are enshrined Murtis of Durga Mata and Parvati Mata on a raised stone platform. In this temple, the Goddess is also worshipped as Tripura Sundari and Chinmastika Devi by Tantriks. The temple is located exactly opposite the Jyotirling Temple. There are about 22 temples dedicated to various Devis and Devtas in this complex. Jayadurga Temple is connected to the Jyotirling Temple by a red-colored silk thread at the top of the temples.

Devotees come to this temple with great hopes. They know their prayers will be heard. Newly married couples who tie a thread between the two temples (Jayadurga and Jyotirling) are sure to be blessed with a happy married life.

Temple Timings

  • 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM

(Timings are liable to change during special occasions and festivals) 

How to reach Baidyanath Jaydurga Temple

  • Deoghar Junction is the nearest railway station, about 3 km from the temple.
  • Jasidih railway station (Mainline) is about 7.5 km from the temple.
  • Simra (Deoghar) airport is about 8 km from the temple.
  • Ranchi Airport is about 247 km from the temple.
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