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Khatu Shyamji Dharamshala List | Online Room Booking | Facilities

Khatu Shyamji Dharamshala Booking: Khatu Shyamji is a famous pilgrimage site in India, known for its temple dedicated to Lord Shyam, a form of Lord Krishna. Devotees from all over the country visit the temple to seek blessings and offer prayers. The town has many dharamshalas or guest houses where devotees can stay during their visit.

Below given Khatu Shyamji Dharamshala list would likely provide a comprehensive list of these dharamshalas, along with their amenities, and rates.

Khatu Shyamji Accommodation Online Booking

If you are looking forward to visiting Khatu Shyam temple, doing an advance booking for a dharamshala is a must. By doing a dharamshala reservation, you will be able to enjoy your travel completely relaxed and at peace. Yatradham has a lot to offer. It can take care of everything. All you have to do is, book your room in khatu shyam ji from YatraDham online booking portal.  

List of Dharamshala in Khatu Shyamji

About Khatu Shyamji

Located in Sikar, Rajasthan – the temple is counted as a must-visit place on the list. The temple is built with white marble. It is considered a popular destination for devotees. Many people visit here to witness its beauty and unique architecture it has. Near the Khatu Shyam temple is a holy pond called Shyam Kund. It is believed, a dip in this pond can bring good health, curing sufferings.

Khatu Shyamji Temple Festivals and Fair

The Khatu Shyam fair is organized every year in the month of March for eight days. That is, from Shashthi to Dwadashi which includes celebrations of festivals like Krishna Janmashtami, Jhul – Jhulaiyya Ekadashi, Holi, Basant Panchami, etc. ‘Ekadashi’ is considered the main day of the fair.

Festivals that are celebrated in the temple are Krishna Janmashtami, Jhul – Jhulaiyya Ekadashi, Holi, Basant Panchami, etc. 

Khatu Shyamji Dharamshala Online Booking

There is a number of accommodation facilities available in Khatu which is also near Khatu Shyam temple. Many Dharamshalas in Khatu are available which provide facilities for a night’s stay and are also near the temple. Also, there are hotels in Khatu that are near the temple and provides amenities to guest along with night stay and other facilities which are open and rooms available.

Book your stay here:

Why book Khatu Shyamji Dharamshala Online?

YatrDham.Org provides you with multiple options for your accommodation. We have the best available options and we know there is none better than us when it comes to these sacred places. Doing advance booking of Khatu Shyamji Dharamshala online will help you in having hustle free, relaxed, and peaceful stay. Also, religious places like Khatu Shyam witnesses huge crowd throughout the year, especially during the festive season. So, it is better to book the dharamshala online.

Steps for Online Booking : 

Following are the steps to book your stay online : 

  1. Log on to the YatraDham website.
  2. Under the accommodation tab, click the place of your travel.
  3. Once the page opens, click on the hotel / dharamshala that interests you the most.
  4. According to your necessity, book a room. The ‘Book Now’ button is mentioned beside the list of facilities provided.
  5. After you click the ‘Book Now’ button, you will be asked to choose the room

Facilities at Dharamshala in Khatu Shyamji

Following are the facilities you can take advantage of when in Khatu:

  1. Car Parking
  2. Hygienic Food
  3. Comfortable Stay
  4. Air Conditioned Rooms
  5. Hot Water Availability


1. Who is worshipped at Khatu Shyam?

A. Barbrik is worshipped here by the name of Shyam (Lord Krishna).

2. What is the time of the first aarti in Khatu Shyam?

A. First aarti takes place at 08:00 am.

3. What is the best time to visit Khatu Shyam?

A. October to March is the best time to visit the temple.

4. Where is Khatu Shyam temple located?

A. Khatu Shyam temple is located in Sikar, Rajasthan.

5. How can I book Khatu Shyamji Dharamshala?

A. Khatu Shyamji Dharamshala can be booked online through the YatraDham.Org website. It consists of a range of accommodations where you can check availability, and rates and book your stay online.

6. What are the facilities available at Khatu Shyam ji Dharamshala?

A. The facilities available at Khatu Shyamji Dharamshala may vary from one Dharamshala or ashram to another. However, common facilities include comfortable rooms with bedding, clean washrooms, running water, and electricity. Some guest houses may also have in-house dining and parking facilities.

7. What is the price range for Khatu Shyamji Dharamshala?

A. The price range for Khatu Shyamji Dharamshala can vary depending on the type of accommodation, room category, and amenities. Generally, the price range can start from as low as INR 500 per night to as high as INR 3,000 per night or more for a deluxe room.

8. What is the check-in and check-out time for Khatu Shyamji Dharamshala?

A. The check-in and check-out time for Khatu Shyamji Dharamshala may vary from one dharamshala to another. However, you can check it on YatraDham website.

9. Is it necessary to book Khatu Shyamji Dharamshala in advance?

A. To avoid any last-minute inconvenience, it is suggested to book Khatu Shyamji Dharamshala in advance.
During peak pilgrimage seasons, the accommodations may be fully booked, and you may have to struggle to find a suitable accommodation. It is better to book in advance to ensure a hassle-free stay.

Planning for a Khatu Shyam temple trip? Don’t overthink the thought. Just go for it. Yatradham can provide you with the facilities. Yatradham is what comes to people’s minds while going on a religious trip. It is the only platform in India that can provide you with affordable accommodation including a stay at dharamshala, ashram, guesthouse, hotels, etc.

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