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Khodiyar Mata Mandir Rajapara, Bhavnagar

  Address: Khodiyar Mata Mandir Rajpara Dham, Bhavnagar-Rajkot Highway, Bhavnagar.

Khodiyar Mataji Temple Rajpara


Khodiyar Mata Mandir Rajpara is located in Bhavnagar a District of Gujarat. Hindu Devotes from all over Gujarat come to this holy Place throughout the Year.

One of the largest Mandir of the goddess Khodiyar is in Rajpara Bhavnagar.  Temple has a very peaceful and spiritual environment.


1. Amusement.

Khodiyar Mandir Rajapara Rope-way

  • The Khodiyar Mandir is located at the Bank of Tataniya Dharo Lake a popular picnic spot.
  • Besides, there is a pond on the premises of the temple. There is also a garden with a ride for children to play on. For the people of old age and handicapped who cannot walk up to the upper temple of Khodiyar Mataji they can reach through the Ropeway and for the children’s Entertainment, the rope-way ride is created.

2. Food.

Khodiyar Mandir Rajpara Bhojnalaya

  • It is a belief of the Khodiyar Mandir Trust people that any individual person should not return hungry from the Temple.
  • So trust provide food for people free of cost at their Bhojanalaya. They have a place that can feed 3000 people at a time.

Timing of Bhojanalaya at Khodiyar Mandir Rajpara:

Lunch:  11 am To 3 pm.

Dinner: 7 pm to 9 pm.

3. Accommodation.

Khodiyar Mandir Rajpara Dharamshala

  • As Khodiyar mandir Rajpara is Famous all over India due to which there is a high rush of the goddess devotes and for the devotees of the goddess the Khodiyar Mandir Trust has Started 2 Dharmashala for the devotees who visit the temple from long distance.
  • So they can stay there and fill relax there. Khodiyar mandir Dharamshala has the best Facilities for staying. Dharamshala has around 4 large halls, which can accommodate a total of 100 beds and around 50 rooms with AC and Non AC.

4. Medical:

Temple has a hospital and Doctors on the premises only for the devotes who need medical treatment urgently. The temple also has an ambulance and installed ramps for the handicapped devote

5. Shops.

Khodiyar Mandir rajpara Shops

  • The temple has installed small shops for the guest if they won’t buy prasad for the goddess. Many attractive handicrafts are also available in shops for buying.
  • Toys for small children are sold on the temple premises. And the Famous Food of Khodiyar Mandir Rajpara which is “Laapsi” is sold in the Shop of Temple.

History of Khodiyar Mandir Rajpara:

Khodiyar Mandir Rajpara Mata

During the rule of the Maharaja Wakhatsinghji Gohil in the Bhavnagar from 1748 to 1816, he was a devout Follower of Goddess Maa Khodiyar. He often uses to visit the shrine at Mandel was he prayed to Goddess to visit the capital of Bhavnagar State Sihor.

Khodiyar Maa agreed to visit the capital but with one condition they have to Lead the way and Goddess will walk behind him and The king have not to look back until the Sihor does not come.

Maharaja Wakhatsinghji started to walk ahead and the goddess was walking behind him. But when they reached the place near the Sihor they looked behind and broke the Condition and so the goddess stopped there only and told the king now he will not come to Sihor as he has broken the condition of the goddess of not looking back.

And the Mataji has set the Base there were the king looked back and the place was Rajpara.

When to visit Khodiyar Mandir Rajpara:

Khodiyar Mandir Rajpara is must visit place for the Hindu Devotes as its spiritual and religious atmosphere will make your heart and mind pure. Peaceful and Religious place to visit once.

Aarti timings at Khodiyar Mandir Rajpara :

Mon To Sat5:30 AM7:00 PM
Sunday5:00 AM7:00 PM
On Purnima5:00 AM7:00 PM

Temple is open from 5 am to 10 pm for the devotes for Darshan of Khodiyar Mataji.

Near By Place to visit near Khodiyar Mandir Rajpara:

  1. Sihor.

Sihor Barhma Kund

  • Sihor is one of the taluka of Bhavnagar. There are many ancient places that can be visited during the visit to Khodiyar Mandir Rajpara. There is a beautiful piece of architecture, a 12th century Brahma Kund built by the king sidhraj jaisinh, and Vijay Vilas Palace made by the Maharajahs with beautiful paintings and wooden crave.
  • The distance from Khodiyar Mandir to Sihor is just about 7.4 km.
  1. Palitana.

  • Palitana is one of the holy places for the Jain. It is located in the Bhavnagar District.
  • Many Jain Devotes all over India come to visit this place during parikrama. There is a mountain in the Palitana which has around 1300 temples of the Jain Saints which are must-visit temples and all the Temples have a different architecture which is its specialty.
  • The distance from Khodiyar Mandir Rajpara to Palitana is about 39.4 km.
  1. Bhavnagar.

Nilambag Palace Bhavnagar

  • Bhavnagar is the main city of Bhavnagar District. There are many places to visit in Bhavnagar like Bortalav lakefront, Gandhi Smruti, Nilambag Palace, Akshardham Temple, Victoria park (The Forest between the City), Asia Biggest ship breaking Yard,  etc.

How to reach Khodiyar mandir Rajpara:

By Bus:

If you come from a different city or District first you have to Bhavnagar bus station from there you can get rickshaws frequently to reach  Khodiyar mandir you can also get a vehicle from the Nari Chokdi if you are coming from Ahmedabad.

By Train:

By Train Nearest railway station Vertej junction from where you can also get the vehicle to reach temple frequently.

Through Plane:

By Air Nearest airport is Bhavnagar airport. Many Domestic flights are coming to Bhavnagar airports like Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

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