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Kumbh Mela Map Details

Kumbh Mela Map 2019 Details

Here, you can get brief details regarding the Kumbh Mela Tent City, the place where the sacred bathing is held, how to reach your desired destination, police station, help centers and a lot more.

The Tent City at Kumbh Mela is temporarily built by the government for the better accommodation of the pilgrims during the Kumbh Mela. The whole area under Kumbh Mela is divided into different sectors for convenience. There is a police station near every sector. Sector 3 is the most important sector as the main bath is conducted here. There’s a sector office near each sector that would manage the area under it. There are several bridges built over the Ganga and Yamuna rivers to make the transportation easier.

What are the sectors at Kumbh Mela?

There is a huge area brought under and developed by the Government for Kumbh Mela 2019. To manage this large arena of land, it is divided into smaller divisions and is called sector. Each sector is planned finely and different activities are conducted. Every sector is administered by its own sector office.

Where is the sacred bath at Kumbh Mela performed?

The sacred bath at Kumbha Mela is performed at Triveni Ghat where the three main rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Sarawati merge. The place where they meet is known as Triveni Sangam. Ganga flows from the North, Yamuna from the West and they meet at a holy place. Triveni Sangam is included within Sector 3. 

Where is the main tent city of Kumbh Mela located?

The tents of Kumbh Mela are set-up at the bank of Ganga and Yamuna. There are about more than 7 Lakhs tents built up by the government. There are also few private companies providing tent facility.

How can I book a tent for stay at Kumbh Mela?

You can book tents in two ways. Either online or you can directly go there and register for your tent. It will be better to book tents online so you can have several options and also do not need to search for tent during your Kumbh Mela visit.

For booking tents online please click here- Kumbh Mela Tent Booking.  

How to reach Kumbh Mela if I am travelling by train?

If you are traveling by train you can get down at Prayag Ghat Station. Prayag Ghat station is nearest to Kumbh Mela. From there you can easily get public transport to reach your place.

How can I reach my desired destination if I travel by bus?

There are many options if you are traveling by road. You can go by your personal vehicle or any public transport. There are bridges constructed on Ganga and Yamuna rivers and well built roads. You can with reference to the map locate your destination and reach your place.

How can I avail medical facilities in Kumbh Mela?

There are medical camps set-up in each sector where you can get best medical facilities. The medical camps are marked on the map with a special symbol.

If I have lost my family member, relative or anyone in Kumbh Mela, how is it possible to search for them?

The Government has provided several helpline numbers. This helpline numbers are toll-free so anytime you can register your complain and request them to help find your family member, relative or anyone your are looking for. The government has also set-up special GPS system so it will be easier to track them.

Where is Mahamandaleshwar at Kumbh Mela?

The Mahamandaleshwar is in different sectors of the Kumbh Mela. Mahamandaleshwar is where siants come together. They will give you blessings and also perform some rituals. This is in the different sectors. You can look for them from the map.

Where can I inquire for some required information in Kumbh Mela?

For any inquiry during Kumbh Mela you can call at toll-free helpline number. It is also possible to contact at the respective Sector office. They can provide you all the required information.






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