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Maha Navami 2022- Dates, Auspicious Timings & Celebrations

Maha Navami 2022: The festival is celebrated in October or November according to the lunar dates in the Hindu, calendar. It is celebrated to remember the great victory of Maa Durga who killed the Buffalo Demon Mahisashur. It is the sign of winning the Good over the Evil. 

Who celebrates Maha Navami? 

Usually, we found that people from all over India celebrate this festival in their own unique way to seek the blessings of Navadurga. It is believed that the 9 days of Navratri Maa Durga fulfill the wish of people who worships and take blessings from Maa. It is celebrated in the state of Gujarat and Maharasthra as an important Navratri but in the state of Assam, Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal, etc they celebrated these 10 days as Durga Puja. But the similarity is that they both worship Goddess with the Great enthusiasm, fervor, and devotion. 

Maha Navami Timings 

It will begin at 1:23 am and will end on the next day at 3:15 am

Maha Navmi 2022 Dates

Dates of Mahanavami 2022 is the 4th of October

Maha Navami Puja 

The Maha Navami Puja will follow the Scared Scriptures that are benign with the Mahasnan and Shodhasopachara Puja. On this day devotees wake up early and some of them also observe a fast for the Goddess. 

In Southern India, Ayudha Puja is arranged, and along with the Goddess, tools, machinery, musical instruments, books, and equipment of all kinds, including automobiles, are decorated and worshipped. This day is considered vital before starting any new work on Vijaya Dashami. 

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