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Naimisharanya Temple, Lucknow | Timings, Accommodation, Location

Neemsar Naimisharanya Temple

Naimisharanya Temple Timings Neymar. Find out about the bath at the Chakra Kund near Naimisharanya Temple. Also, know about history, significance, places to visit nearby and place to stay near Naimisharanya temple.

Neymar temple is popularly known as the Naimisharanya temple. Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Sati, and Lord Shiva link to the Naimminsharanya temple. Naimisharanya temple is described as a pantheon of 33 Hindu gods and goddesses. Even, the temple is counted as one of the eight temples of Vishnu that are self-manifested and is classified as Swayamvyaktha Kshetra.

The Naimisharanya or Neemsar temple is located on the banks of River Gomti in Sitapur District which is 94 Kms from Lucknow.

Timings of Naimisharanya Temple

Darshan Timings

5:00 AM to 12:00 PM

4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

The temple is closed in the afternoon from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Bath in the holy river near Naimisharanya Temple –

A large number of people sprung to Naimisharanya Temple on full moon day. On this day, they take a bath in Chakra Kunda near the temple. Chakra Kunda is a well near the Naimisharanya temple. According to belief, the weapon of Vishnu, i.e his Chakra has started the well.

If the full moon day falls on Monday, the devotees take bath in Chakra Kund. So, the presiding deity washes all the sins.

History of Naimisharanya Temple

The gods selected the Naimisharanya temple to establish Dharma. But, Vrittasur, a demon was an obstacle. So, Dadhichi donated his bones to make a weapon for killing the demon.

Vishnu killed Durjaya & his gang of demons. He also destroyed Gayasura. His body fell in three places Gaya in Bihar, Naimisharayan Temple, and Badrinath.

Brahmo Namo Maya Chakra fell here, so the place is also called Naimisharanya. Here, Nemi means the outer surface of a Chakra.

The place of Naimisharanya temple is very old. Satrupa and Swayambhuva performed penance here. They performed penance for 2300 years to have Lord Narayan as his son. Lord Rama performed Ashawamedh Yagna here. Ved Vyasa put together the 6 Shastras, 18 Puranas & 4 Vedas at this place. The Pandavas & Lord Balaram also visited this place. Tulsidas penned Rama Charita Manas here itself.

Significance of Naimisharanya Temple –

The temple is very significant as Sankaracharya and famous poet Surdas also visited the Naimisharanya temple.

Also, there are eight self-manifested idols of Vishnu. These temples are classified as Swayamvyakhtha Kshetra. And, Naimisharanya temple is one of them.

Places to visit near Naimisharanya Temple.

1. Chakra Tirth

2. Shri Lalita Devi temple

3. Vyasa Gaddi

4. Dashashwamedh Ghat

5. Shri Narada Temple

6. Balaji Temple

7. Macchrehtra

8. Havan Kund

9. Swayambhu Manu & Satarupa

10. Pandav Qila

How to reach Naimisharanya Temple-

Naimisharanya temple is in the Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh, 89 kms from Lucknow.

By Rail: The nearest Railway Station to Naimsharanya temple is Sandila Railway Station. The Sandila Railway Station is 42 km from the temple.

By Road: Lucknow is 89 Km from Naimisharanya temple. So after reaching Lucknow, you can reach the temple by cab or any other public transport.

By Air: The Lucknow Airport is nearest to Naimisharanya temple. The airport is 107 km from the temple. Even, Lucknow easily links to major cities of India.

Where to stay near Naimisharanya Temple?

You can accommodate at Neemsar – Naimisharanya Dharamshala while your visit to Naimisharanya temple. Also, the Dharamshala is within walking distance of the temple.

Click here for booking Accommodation in Naimisharanya near to temple.

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