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Palitana Shetrunjay Giriraj Hill Puja Reopen Pooja Timings, Passes are Available

Puja is now allowed on Shetrunjay Giriraj Hill (Palitana)

As we recently learned almost after 10 months the Puja of Mulnayak Adishwara Bhagwan has been started at Palitana – Shetrunjay Giriraj Parvat the most important pilgrim center of the Jain community.

This Puja ritual was stopped from 22nd March 2020 due to Corona Pandemic. Beginning this Poonam (Full Moon Day) this Puja has been resumed and as we write already 2350 pilgrims performed the Puja.

Points to be noted –

Palitana Shetrunjay Giriraj Hill Puja Reopen Pooja Timings:-

1>    Limited passes are available for Puja at different tuks on the main road near Hanuman Dhara.

2>    Passes will be given to the pilgrims who are in Puja clothes.

3>    Puja timing is 8 AM to 1 PM.

4>    Only Kesare Puja is permitted.

5>    If you want to take advantage of Boli you have to take a bath and climb into Puja clothes from the base (Taleti).

6>    Mulnayak Adishwar Prabhu and other Jinalays Puja boli will be around 9 AM in Giriraj.

7>    Pakshal will begin at 9.30 AM.

8>    All who are beneficiaries of Puja by can take advantage of Puja at 10 AM.

9>    Only 4 beneficiaries are allowed inside the Garbh Gruh.

10> As of now the following number of passes are available –

Palitana Shetrunjay Giriraj Hill Puja Passes are Available:-

Adishwar Dada  (Main Jinalay) Pakshal Puja          –              5 Passes

Pundrik Swami Jinalay Kesar Puja                             –              5 Passes

New Adiswar Jinalay Ful Puja                                     –              5 Passes

Simandhar Swami Jinalay Mugat Puja                     –              5 Passes

Rayan Charan Paduka Deri Puja Pakshal, Kesar and Ful     –              5 Passes

Aarti and Mangal Diva Beneficiary                           –              2 Passes

11> Adishwar Dada Aangi will be at 11 AM. The beneficiary of Angi should come at 10 AM.

12> Aarti and Mangal Divo can be done from outside the Garbhagriha.

13> Bhatu prasad will be given by Pedi inboxes.

14> Arrangement has been done of boiled water and simple water.

15> There is no arrangement of taking bath on Giriraj so one should get a bath from Taleti and get into Puja clothes if you want to participate in Puja.

Palitana Shetrunjay Giriraj Hill Aarti Time:-

Summer Timing: 07:00 pm

Winter Timing: 06:30 pm

Palitana Jain Tirth Dhramshala Accommodation:-

Palitana Jain Tirth Dhramshala Accommodation Booking Link Click Here

This information is the best of our knowledge and might change at any time. Please share your feedback with us if you have recently visited the Shetrunjay Giriraj.

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