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Panchkoshi Yatra 2022- Varanasi The Five Days Holy Tour 

The Panchkoshi Yatra is a 13th-century journey (yatra) that travels the holy city of Varanasi. as one travels the road clockwise in a circle, keeping the city on one’s right, the city itself becomes both a sacred image and temple. 

Below you can find all the details about Panchkoshi Yatra 2022 and the best places to stay in Varanasi while performing the yatra.

Panchkoshi Yatra News

  • Panchkoshi Yatra will start on kartik shukla Ekadashi. It is the 47th Narmada Laghu Parikrama Panchkoshi Yatra. With the darshan of Maa Narmada and Lord Mamleshwar, the five-day yatra will begin on Friday morning
  • Devotees who want to be a part of this Panchkoshi Yatra have to gather at Omkareshwar from the eve of Ekadashi to join the Yatra. 
  • There is a large number of women who takes part in this Panchkoshi Yatra. 
  • In the Khandwa and Khargone districts on the banks of the Narmada River journey of the Panchkoti Yatra distance is about 75 km. 
  • As stated by, the convener of the Panchkoshi Yatra Committee, Radheshyam Sharma, 47 years ago, Dr. Ravindra Bharti Chaure, a resident of Sanawad, started the journey with his five companions, and now more than one lakh devotees are voluntarily participating in it. 
  • Bathing in Narmada and donating a lamp in the month of Kartik one gets virtuous results.

Panchkoshi Yatra Dates 2022

Panchkoshi Yatra will start on the 4th of November but the Board of directors has requested the devotees to reach on the 3rd of November by night the reason for this is the Panchkosh Yatra will start from six in the morning on the 4th of November after the blessings of Narmada and Mamleshwar. 

Panchkosh Yatra will continue till the 8th of November on the banks of the Narmada River journey will end. 

Panchkoshi Yatra Omkareshwar Parikrama

Ajrud Bageshwari Mata will rest overnight after visiting the yatra village

After bathing in the kurang river and visiting Badud village, Badkeshwar there will be a rest of the journey at Toksar on November 5. 

The next day, the 6th of November after visiting Gomateshwar, crossing the Narmada river by boat, and visiting Vimleshwar the night will be spent at Badwahvia Ramgarh. 

After darshan from Nageshwar, the Yatra will reach Siddhavarkoot on November 7. 

The yatra will reach Omkareshwar on November 8 from Siddhavarkoot after taking the Narmada bath via Omkareshwar dam. 

This journey will end after the darshan of Omkar Parvat parikrama.

Accommodations In Varanasi 

Varanasi is a holy place; people from all over the world come and visit it to explore and experience new things in their life Panchkoti yatra is one of them. If you are ever visiting Varanasi you will have the best accommodations options in Varanasi which include the best Dharamshala in Varanasi, and ashrams in Varanasi, just book them in advance and enjoy your holy and peaceful trip. 

And also you will find the best Dharamshala in Varanasi in our list that is mentioned below so now you have a lot of options for your stay when you are visiting Varanasi, no doubt they are the best of all.

Visakha Sri Sarada Peetham

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Swastik Guest House

Hotel Bhagirath

Hotel Nandini Palace

Kashi Stay Guest house

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