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Ram Van Ticket Price | Opening Time | Rajkot, Gujarat

Rama Van in Rajkot is now open for tourists. Know the Opening timings and Ram van ticket price.

For the first time in Gujarat, Rama Van in Rajkot is constructed on an area of 47 acres. The Rama Van is built in the urban forest in Rajkot. Around 98 percent of the work is completed. The unique feature of this place is that it vividly depicts the 14 years of exile period of Shri Ram. The work started in 2019. At present, 2 percent of the minor and major finishing work of Ram Van is remaining, which will be completed soon. 

ram van ticket price

Ram Van Ticket Price

Rama Van ticket prices are as mentioned below:

Ram Van Ticket Price

AdultRs 20 /-
ChildRs 10 /-

Rama Van Timings


Note: Ram Van will be closed on the maintenance day Monday.

Rama Van Open or Close

Rama Van is open to tourists every day.

Rama Van Location

Rama Van is located in Rajkot, Gujarat in front of Kishan Gaushala near Ajidem.

Journey of Rama Van

The main entrance of Rama Van is beautifully designed in the shape of Lord Rama’s Bow.

ram van main entrance

Walking a few steps there is a huge idol of Lord Rama. Jatayu Dwar is the center of attraction at Jatayu chowk where Jatayu is seen sitting on it.

Gidhraj Jatayu

Beyond that, a swing, slide, and a small ground has been made for children to play on. Sculptures of the yoga postures practiced by the sages in the forest have also been placed here.

Rishi Muni at Rama Van

A sculpture of Lord Rama during the coronation time has been placed. Also, there is a small lake followed by a large lake, which is the confluence of Ram and Shabari. A theater has been built next to it.

ram shabri milap

The plantation of 60000 trees of 55 to 60 species is done here. There are 22 sculptures that depict the events of Ramayana. Around 1.5 crores are spent on these 22 sculptures. A selfie point has been made for tourists to take selfies for their memories.

Rama Van Selfie Point

Right in the front of the theatre, there is a sculpture of Lord Rama and Sugriva Sena further, there is Hanumanji Maharaj carrying the whole mountain of herbs.

Hanumanji Maharaj

The center of attraction is Lord Rama and Sita watching the deer. The famous Ram Setu has also been built over a lake here. Shri Ram, Lakshman, and Mata Sita’s sculptures during their exile are also depicted here.

ram, sita and deer
Mata Sita, Shri Ram, and Deer

Facilities at Rama Van in Rajkot

Walking is the best way to explore this beautiful Rama Van. However, an electric car facility is also available. One can walk and visit various events with the facility of electric cars.

Food Court

A food court is also available for tourists visiting Rama Van.

Corporate Meeting Hall

An office and meeting hall have also been constructed. In the future, if any meeting or press conference has to be held by Rajkot Municipal Corporation, it can also be held there.

Other facilities available are:

  • Electric Car
  • Swing and playground for children
  • Amphitheatre
  • Walking track
  • Conference Room
  • Meeting Room
  • 5 simple gazebo
  • 2 artistic gazebo
  • Benches like sofa

Rama Van Security

Excellent security facilities are made here so tourists are not troubled and can explore the place peacefully.

  • Two 3-storied buildings are developed where security personnel will be stationed.
  • 24-hours surveillance under CCTV cameras
  • Security guards posted at each gate

Devotional Atmosphere at Rama Van

In the Rama Van to make the atmosphere more devotional and realistic, an instrumental music system will be installed and Hanuman Chalisa will be played continuously. Ramdhun and bhajans will also be played here. Tourists will have a lively experience of Ramayana here.

Top 10 Attractive Sculptures at Rama Van

Rama Van Milap
  1. Main Entrance with Lord Rama’s Bow
  2. Huge Statue of Lord Rama
  3. Exile of Shri Ram, Lakshman, and Mata Janki
  4. Creative Gate of Gidhraj Jatayu
  5. Lord Rama and Shabri Milap
  6. Lord Rama, Mata Sita and Deer
  7. Rama and Kevat Milap

Names of the Paths where you can experience Rama Van

  • Valmiki Path
  • Kevat Path
  • Tulsi Path
  • Angad Path
  • Neel Path
  • Nal Path
  • Lakshman Path
  • Shatrughna Path
  • Janki Path
  • Bharat Path
  • Hanumant Path
  • Rakshas Path
  • Vibhishan Path
  • Sugreev Path
  • Jamvan Path
  • Shabri Path

A new landmark is waiting for the tourists of Rajkot. As the beautiful Rama Van opens do mark your presence here and explore the beautiful Ramayana visually. If you are looking for a night’s stay in Rajkot then visit below.

Rama Van

Are you visiting Rama Van in Rajkot? Let us know in the comment section.

|| जय श्री राम ||

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