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Rameshwaram – Place to visit in Tamil Nadu

Rameshwaram Temple Information

The place to visit in Rameshwaram India, Rameshwaram Temple Timing,  Location, Temple History

Rameshwaram is the town in Pamban Island in the state of Tamil-Nadu. A well-known Hindu holy temple is Ramanathaswamy Temple. There is a chakra(Wheel) that is said to have the imprint of Lord Rama.

The temple is very near to the seashore, so the atmosphere around the temple very pleasant.

If you like to spend time at the seashore then for you it is the best place to visit. The atmosphere around the temple is so pure that it will make your heart and mind both pure. A lot of the Devotes visit this temple every year.

Rameshwaram Temple Timing

Temple opening and closing times are updated click here to know more.

The temple will be open from Monday to Thursday. The temple will be closed for three days a week Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Temple Timing Aarti Timing
Morning  5:00 am. To 1:00 pm. 5:00 am.
Evening 3:00 pm. To 9:00 pm. 8:30 pm.

A place to visit in Rameshwaram

  1. Arulmigu Ramnatshaswamy temple:  Distance between Rameshwaram bus stand and Aruligu Ramanathaswamy temple is about 2.1 km.
  2. Agni Tirtham: The distance between the Rameshwaram bus stand and Agni Tirtham is about 100 meters.
  3. Rameshwaram Temple: The distance between the Rameshwaram bus stand and the Rameshwaram temple is about 2.1 km.
  4. House of Kalam: The distance between the Rameshwaram bus stand and the House of Kalam is 1.9 km.
  5. Khothandaramaswamy Temple: The distance between the Rameshwaram bus stand and the Kothandaramaswamy temple is about 11.7 km.

The place to visit near Rameshwaram Temple

  1. Kanyakumari: The distance between Rameshwaram and Kanyakumari is about 309 km.
  2. Madurai: The distance between Rameshwaram and Madurai is about 172.5 km.
  3. Dhanushkodi: The distance between Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi is about 19.2 km.
  4. Holly Island water sports: The distance between Rameshwaram and holy island water park is about 2.5 km.

Dharamshala and Rooms in Rameshwaram

There are many Dharamshala, Ashram, Yatri Niwas, Mutts, Rooms, and Guest House that is available at Rameshwaram. You can book all accommodation in Rameshwaram online from the

They provide the best rooms at an affordable price. You can easily book the rooms Online there with a simple process.

List of Dharamshala in Rameshwaram

  1. Rameshwaram – Maheshwari Bhakth Nivas Dharamshala
  2.  Sri Ramanjaneya Chatram-Rameshwaram
  3. Rameshwaram – Goswami Madam Trust.
  4. Nadar Yatri Nivas-Rameshwaram
  5. Many other Dharamshala Click Here

You can book this Dharamshala by just clicking on the name of the Dharamshala. For booking the Dharamshala all over India you can visit our website where you can book many Dharamshala in India.

Best Time to visit Rameshwaram

For me, the best time to visit Rameshwaram is during vacation. Because if you have more time you can visit many places which are in the Rameshwaram. And this all places in the Rameshwaram have a very different atmosphere, spiritual and Religious.

In Rameshwaram, there are many temple visits, so during the Festival, the temple is decorated totally differently. Which will make your mind pleasant and religious. So I would suggest you visit the Rameshwaram during the Diwali Vacation.

You will really enjoy the environment in Rameshwaram.


Q.1   Which is the nearest airport in Rameshwaram?

View Answer
Madurai is the nearest airport to Rameshwaram which is 163 km from the Rameshwaram. But the Rameshwaram is well connected to Road and Railway so you can easily get to Rameshwaram.

Q.2  How far is the Rameshwaram railway station from the Rameshwaram Temple?

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Distance between Rameshwaram temple and Rameswaram railway station is just about 1.3 km.

Q.3   What is the cost of the Rameshwaram temple entry ticket?

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The cost of the ticket at Rameshwaram temple is about 25 rs.
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