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Shirdi Sai Baba Temple timing

Shirdi Temple, Maharashtra, India

Top place to visit in Diwali, Accommodation in Shirdi, Shirdi  Sai Baba Temple Timing, Siddhivinayak Temple.

Lord Sai Baba Temple, Shirdi

Shirdi is a Town in District Ahmednagar in the state of Maharashtra. It is well known for the home of one of the spiritual leaders Sai Baba. A million of Devotes from all over India come to visit this Holy Place.

You will also enjoy this religious and spiritual place of the Lord Sai Baba.

You can also book the best accommodation at an affordable price at Shirdi to stay. For booking the rooms in the Shirdi visit the website, they provide the best accommodation at an affordable price.

Shirdi Temple and Darshan Timing

The temple timing of Shirdi is From 4 AM To 11 PM.

Early morning ‘kakad aarti’ will start from 5.15 am instead of 4.30 am, and the late-night ‘shejarti aarti’ will start from 10 pm instead of 10.30 pm

Update & Guidelines about Shirdi Sai Temple 2021:-

A place to visit in Shirdi

  1. Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir: Distance from Shirdi Bus Stand to Sai Baba Samadhi mandir is about 550 meters.
  2. Shri Dwarkamai Temple: The distance from Shirdi Bus Stand to Shri Dwarkamai temple is about 1.8 km.
  3. Dixit Wada Museum: Distance from Shirdi Bus Stand to Dixit Wada Museum is about 650 meters.
  4. Sai Heritage Village: The distance from Shirdi Bus Stand to Sai Heritage Museum is about 2.3 km.

The place to visit near Shirdi

  1. Pune: Distance from Shirdi Bus Stand to Pune is about 183 km.
  2. Ellora Caves: The distance from Shirdi to Ellora Caves is about 103.2 km.
  3. Aurangabad: Distance from Shirdi to Aurangabad is about 124.7 km.
  4. Nashik: The distance from Shirdi to Nashik is about 87.6 km.

Accommodation in Shirdi

For Online Booking the Rooms in Shirdi, you can visit the website where you can get rooms with the best facilities at an affordable price. You can Book the rooms from this website very easily. Photos of the rooms are shown on the page of Shirdi accommodation.

For booking the Dharamshala just click on the name of Dharamshala given below:

  1. Shirdi-Sai Suresh Dham.
  2. Sai Dham Shirdi Dharamshala-Shirdi.
  3. Shirdi – Cycle Swamy Ashram
  4. Sai Kamla Bhavan – Shirdi.
  5. For more Options in Shirdi.

You will really enjoy your stay at this place.

Best time to Visit Shirdi

The best time to visit the Shirdi is during the Starting of Winter because the weather is pleasant and it is a great time to enjoy your pilgrimage and sightseeing in Shirdi.

During the Summer season, the temple does not have much crowd so you can easily visit the Shirdi temple. But during this time there is little Heat. You can visit during the summer only if you want to minus the crowd.


Q1. Is there any Charge to visit the Shirdi Temple?

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No there are no charges for the Darshan in Shirdi. But there are charges for the V.I.P ticket for Darshan.

Q2. Which is the Nearest Airport to Shirdi?

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The nearest airport to Shirdi is Aurangabad which is about 130 km from the Shirdi.

Q3. How can I reach to Shani Shingnapur from the Shirdi?

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Distance of Shani Shingnapur from Shirdi is about 72.1 km. And regular Maharashtra bus runs between this to town and private taxes and Cars are also easily available from both sides. So you can get to any of them from the other.

Q.4 How much time does it take to have Darshan at Shirdi?

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Avoiding the Thursday and Festivals it does not take more than 30 minutes to 1 hour. And also depend upon when you visit the temple.

Q5. Are there any locker facilities at Shirdi?

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Yes, there are Cloakrooms at Shirdi Bus Stand. Bus Stand is 5 minutes from the Shirdi temple. There you can keep your important Language.

I will suggest you visit during this Diwali Vacation only. You will surely enjoy the place, it is one of the best religious and spiritual places to visit during the lifetime

I hope you liked all the information above!

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