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Shirdi Temple- History, Timings, Accommodation, and Route

Shirdi Temple, the temple of “Sri Sai Baba” is located in Shirdi, Maharashtra. The Shirdi Sai Baba temple is a major pilgrimage attraction in Shirdi. People from all over the world visit the Shirdi Temple to seek blessings and some devotees also donate gold to this temple.

 About Shirdi Temple

Sai Baba generally practiced “Hinduism” and “Islam” and refused to be identified as in a particular religion. The footprints of “Sri Sai Baba” have made this town a holy place.

Sai Baba spent 60 years in this town teaching spirituality and humanity to the people in the town. The temple is open to people from all caste, and religions.

The place belongs to the Holy Saint who pleased all the devotees with humanity and peace by saying “Sabka Malik Ek”. Devotees from all around the world visit this holy place.

Shirdi Saibaba Temple Updates

Shirdi Saibaba temple will remain open for darshan from 4:45 am to 10 pm.
Also, the trust has requested devotees to strictly follow the guidelines.

The guidelines rules are as follows:-

  1. There will be 5000 passes free online, 5000 offline Biometric, and 5000 passes will be on a donation
  2. Devotees should maintain a 6-foot distance.
  3. Identity proof Adhar Card and Election Card are compulsory.
  4. Aged Persons and Pregnant women are not allowed in the Sai temple.

How to Reach Shirdi Sai Baba Temple


Many Maharashtra State Transport is available from the major cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Aurangabad to Shirdi.


The nearest railway station is Sainagar although you can also visit from:

  •     Manmad-Junction (60 Kms)
  •     Kopargaon(22 Kms)
  •     Nagarsul (50 Kms) 

 Accommodation in Shridi

            There is a number of accommodation facilities available in Shirdi which is also near to Sai Baba temple. Many Dharamshalas in Shirdi are available which provide facilities for a night’s stay and are also near to the temple. Here are some of the Dharamshalas in Shirdi also you can book a stay online.

  1. Sai Suresh Dham
  2. Sai Dham Shirdi Dharamshala
  3. Cycle Swamy Ashram
  4. New Indore Sai Bhakta Niwas 
  5. Bangalore Adi Sai Bhavan
  6. Karivena Brahmana Satram Dharamshala
  7. Dwarkamai Residency
  8. New Indore Sai Bhakta Niwas (old building) 
  9. Shri Sai Niwas Choultry

Also, there are hotels in Shirdi which are near to the temple and provides amenities to guest along with night stay and other facilities which are open and rooms are available.

Book your Stay Here

Shirdi Latest Temple Timings

The temple usually opens in the morning at 4 am.

And their daily schedule of Aarti is as follows:

4:45 AM                Temple Open                                    

5:00 AM                  Bhupali

5:15 AM                  Kakad Aarti (Morning)

5:50 am                Mangal Snaan In Samadhi Mandir

6:20 am                   Aarti “Shirdi Majhe Pandharpur”

6:25 am                  Darshan Begins In Samadhi Mandir

11:30 am                 Dhuni Pooja With Rice and Ghee In Dwarkamai

12:00 pm                Mid-day Aarti

4:00 pm                  Pothi (Devotional Reading / Study) In Samadhi Mandir

At Sunset                Dhoop Aarti

8:30 – 10:00 pm   Devotional Songs in Samadhi Mandir & Cultural Programs

10:00 pm               Shej Aarti

Festivals in Shirdi 

Many festivals are celebrated over here like RamNavami, Guru Purnima, and Vijayadashmi. Bhajan Sandhyas and other cultural programs are also conducted by the trust for the guests over here.

The best time to visit Shirdi will be from December to February as the weather is pleasant and you can enjoy your visit over there.

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