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Shrinathji Darshan Nathdwara: Temple reopens on 7th July

Shrinath Ji Darshan, Nathdwara Reopens on 7th July

Shrinath Ji, Nathdwara Temple Reopen on  7th July 2021 Post Lockdown.

Important update on Janmashtami:

  • The Shobha yatra, which is taken out every year during the Janmashtami festival will not be taken out this year.
  • At the time of the gun salute, no person / general public will be allowed to enter Risala Chowk.
  • On the day of Janmashtami, the darshan of the Panchamrit bath will not open, but the temple service will continue inside.
  • The darshan of saffron milk curd placed on Nanda Mahotsav will not be allowed.
  • Mangla/ Shrungaar and darshan of Rajbhog will be opened for Vaishnavas.
  • Soy Bhog-Aarti’s Darshan is available for all visitors

Temple Timings Of Nathdwara Temple on Janmashtami 2021

Janmashtami Timings

  • Mangla on Janmashtami will be in the morning at 04:45 am. (All the visitors will get an entry)
  • Shrungaar: 9:30 am on Tuesday (at the administrative building)
  • Rajbhog: 12:39 pm (Only interested visitors can have darshan)
  • Bhog Aarti Darshan: 7:30 pm in the evening.
  • Jaagran Darshan: open at 8:30 pm in the evening (will be opened for 3 hours)

Nandotsav Timings

  • Nandotsav will be from 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm (darshan will not be allowed)
  • Shrungaar and Mangala Darshan: 12:15 pm (open for visitors)
  • Rajbhog Darshan : 2:15pm
  • Uthapan Darshan: 7:00 pm
  • Bhog Aarti Darshan: 8:00 pm

Residents of Nathdwara will now be able to have Darshan of Shrinathji Prabhu by way of a ‘Shriji Green Card’,  issued by the temple authorities. A start has been made by the issuing of 16 such cards.

These Shriji Greed Cards were distributed by Chiranjeevi Vishal Baba at Moti Mahal. Devotees from outside Nathdwara will have to obtain ‘Shriji Charan Cards”.  The 16 inaugural Shriji Green Cards cards were handed out by Vishal Baba at Moti Mahal (Shrinathji Mandir), headquarters of the Nathdwara-based Vallabha Sampradaya.

To allow darshan, following correct Covid protocols during the first wave, the temple authorities had provided the facility of registration for residents of Nathdwara as well as outsiders. The details provided at that time will now be used for issuing the two types of cards – Shriji Green Card (For residents of Nathdwara) and Shriji Charan Card (For outsiders). The cards will be issued after the devotee registers for any of these cards. Card Holders will be allowed entry into the temple after showing the card. Cardholders do not have to show a vaccine certificate or an RTPCR negative report. Devotees without cards will need to show a photo ID and vaccination certificate to gain entry into the temple.

The Chief Executive Officer of the temple – Shri Jitendra Kumar Ojha said that to follow Covid guidelines during the first wave, the registration process of thousands of devotees had been done. The 16 Shriji Green cards issued are from those registrations. These cards are without cost.  Shriji Charan cards will be given to those devotees who had paid INR 350/- and registered for the Bent (offering) queue. Also, the cards will be given to those who have had at least one dose of vaccine. The cards will be issued from a counter opposite Risala Chowk. Registration for new cards can also be done at that counter.

Shri Vishal Baba said the time of staying away for devotees has now passed and very soon Prabhu Shrinathji will give darshan to His devotees. All devotees are expected to and requested to get the cards made and come for darshan, strictly following all Covid guidelines.

Accommodation in Nathdwara

Be a responsible citizen

Even after following all the precautionary steps by the temple committee, it is a good idea to follow the rules as a devotee. We request you to follow all the government guidelines strictly. If you have any symptoms, it is advisable not to visit the temple or any public place. Let us support the efforts of the government and be responsible citizens.

Comment below your suggestions/questions. We would be more than happy to hear from you. 

Thank You for reading!


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Vishnukumar J.Rajgor
Vishnukumar J.Rajgor
2 years ago

Jai Shree Krishna
Please allow The Pilgrims comes from other states if they have RT.PCR Negative Report before 72 hours.

2 years ago

Is temple open for darshan on Sunday?

Rakesh Arora, advocate
3 years ago

कृपया ,समय सीमा दर्शन की बड़ाई जावे।

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