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Somnath Temple History | Timings, Attack, Who Built, Darshan, poojas

 Somnath Temple History

Somnath temple is a Hindu temple which is near to Veraval on the western coast of Gujarat. The nearest railway station is 2.8 KM away from the Somnath temple at Somnath and the other railway station is 6 KM at Veraval. Somnath temple is a major pilgrimage destination for Hindus. It is one of the first among 12 jyotirlinga shrines of Lord Shiva. It is one of the shrines where Lord Shiva is believed to appear as a glowing column of light. Somnath site is an ancient pilgrimage site because of Triveni Sangam of Kapila, Hiran and, Sarasvati river. Somnath beach is 6 KM from Veraval it is very near to Somnath temple.

Chandra was married to 27 daughters of Daksha but he favored Rohini and neglected other queens. Daksha felt unfair and cursed him and he lost his power of light. Prajapita Brahma advised Moon to worship Lord Shiva at Prabhas Teerth. Lord Shiva was pleased with the great penance and devotion of Moon, and bless Chandra and relieved him from the curse of darkness. Pauranic traditions describe that Moon had built a golden temple, following by a silver temple by Ravana, Bhagavan Shree Krishna, which has built a Somnath temple with Sandalwood. The moon got free from the curse of Daksha from Lord Somnath. The present Somnath temple is the 17th reconstruction built-in 1951 on the original site.

In the Shiva Purana and Nandi Upapurana, Shiva said, ‘I am always present everywhere but especially in 12 forms and places as the Jyotirlingas’. Somnath is one of these 12 holy places. This is the first among the twelve holy Shiva Jyotirlingas. Today it is one of the most-visited Hindu shrines in India.

Somnath temple Timings and Live Darshan

  • The Somnath temple timings are from 6 AM to 9 pm
  • The timings of live darshan or aarti is 7 AM 12 PM and 7 PM

Somnath Temple Timings in Shravan

Somnath Temple Darshan Timings in Shravan Month 2022

One can also visit nearby places like gir which is a wildlife sanctuary park, Veraval fishing port, Junagadh, and Diu. For more details like nearby places to visit in Somnath and accommodation near Somnath temple and accommodation in Somnath, you can visit Blogfor more information about the different tourist place and temples of India.


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