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New Attraction on Beyt Dwarka – Pavan Dham  ‘Sona ni Dwarka’

New Attraction on Beyt Dwarka – Pavan Dham  ‘Sona ni Dwarka’

Wonderful news for all visitors going to Dwarka and Beyt Dwarka. This brand new attraction in Beyt Dwarka is now open to devotees and tourists. What is this new attraction?

This new attraction is an enchanting temple cum museum. Dedicated to Dwarkadhish Lord Krishna, the name of the place is Pavan Dham – Sona ni Dwarka’.

Beyt Dwarka is the place where Lord Krishna established a new kingdom for Yadavas. This is where he lived with his queens in a palace. He administered the kingdom which included Dwarka. It was a kingdom with innumerable palaces, gardens, temples, public buildings, and residential areas. In the kingdom, people lived in comfort and happiness. Dwarka kingdom used to surround by fortified walls.

Keeping in mind, hundreds of thousands of devotees and tourists visits Beyt Dwarka. The creators of Pavan Dham decided to build something outstanding for the devotees.  They created a marvel that leaves you mesmerized and named it Pavan Dham – ‘Sona ni Dwarka’.  We can talk about it or describe it,  but words are not enough. YOu have to visit the place to experience its beauty.

About the Museum – Pavan Dham ‘Sona Ni Dwarka’

The museum cum temple has two levels. One can see sculptures and depictions of the Char Dhams of India. Char Dham includes Rameshwaram, Dwarka, Badrinath, and Jagannath Puri. Also on view are ‘Sapta Rishis’, Navagraha Devtas, and Vishnu Dashavatar. One section showcases the scenes from Krishna’s Bal Leela and his Dwarka Leela. Lord Krishna’s city of Dwarka known as Sona ni Dwarka has been recreated as it was before it submerged with the sea. This is a magnificent work of love. It will go a long way in educating new and present generations about what Dwarka was. And what was Lord Krishna’s life here in Dwarka? Such achievement is possible only with the blessings of Krishna and Rukmini Mata.

Required Time to See The Museum & Entry Fees

  • It will take about one hour to see Pavan Dham.
  • For the maintenance and upkeep of this facility, the management has decided to levy a fee of Rs. 40/ for adults and Rs. 20/ for children.
  • There are no other charges but voluntary donations are welcome.
  • Entry for physically challenged persons, members of the armed forces and the media is free.
  • Photography and videography are allowed inside the museum.
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