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Thiruporur Murugan Temple – History, Timings, Routes and Accommodations

Thiruporur Murugan Temple is located in Thiruporur, in Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chengalpattu district, and 28 km (17 mi) from Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. The temple is dedicated to Shri Murugan and is also known as Thiruporur Kandaswamy Temple. Shri Murugan, the elder brother of Lord Ganesh is highly revered, particularly in South India. He is also known as Kartik Swamy, Shanmukha, Subrahmanya and Skanda.

Thiruporur Murugan Temple History is Famous for

The Thiruporur Murugan Temple as seen today was first built by the Pallavas in the 10th century CE. It was restored and enlarged by Chidambara Swamigal in the 17th century CE. The temple, which is located in an area of 4 acres, has a splendid Rajagopuram (Entrance Tower) rising to a height of about 70 feet. It is nearly 200 feet wide. Built-in the traditional Dravidian style, there is a 24 pillared hall through which the sanctum is approached. Enshrined in the sanctum is a 7 foot tall Murti of Shri Murugan in a standing posture. His divine mount – a peacock can be seen beside him. There is a separate shrine for Lord Shiva and Parvati Mata. Many other Murtis of various “devtas” can also be seen in the temple.

Also enshrined in the temple is a palm leaf, under which the Murti of Shri Murugan was found. This has been written about by the 16th-century poet-saint Arunagiri Naadhaar.

More about Thiruporur Murugan Temple History 

Long, long ago – Lord Shiva lived on Mount Kailash with Parvati Mata, Kartik Swamy, and Shri Ganesh. One day Narada Muni came to visit and brought with Him the fruit of Knowledge. Lord Shiva wanted to share the fruit between Shri Ganesh and Kartik Swamy. But the fruit was not to be cut – it could only be given to any one of the two. Lord Shiva decided the fruit would be given to the first one to go around the world three times. Kartik Swamy immediately set off on his mount (Peacock). Shri Ganesh simply went around Lord Shiva and Parvati Mata thrice, as He considered them His entire world. Pleased, Lord Shiva gave the fruit to Shri Ganesh. Kartik Swamy was angry when he returned and left Mount Kailash. He came to Palani and started living the life of a hermit there. In the centuries to follow numerous temples dedicated to Shri Murugan came up in the areas surrounding Palani. These include the six abodes of Shri Murugan.

Agastya Muni and Murugan story

Agastya Muni had visited this place in the days gone by. This is also the place where Shri Murugan defeated the Asura (demon) Tharuka. ‘Por’ in Tamil means war –  thus came to the name – Thiruporur. A Swayambhu Murti of Shri Murugan was discovered by Chidambara Adigai in later days. He built a temple around it and worship began. Adjacent to the temple is a smaller shrine dedicated to Chidambara Adigai who is said to have merged with the Murti of Shri Murugan.

Thiruporur Murugan Temple Festivals

Many festivals are celebrated annually in the temple. These include Vaigasi Visaagam in May/June, Brahmorchavam in March, Paalkudam during Pongal, Skanda Shasti, and Navratri.

Thiruporur Murugan Darshan Timings

Thiruporur Murugan Temple opens at 6:30 am  in the morning and closes at 12:00 pm noon 

Thiruporur Murugan Temple opens again at 5:00 pm in the evening and closes at  8:00 pm night.

(Timings may change during festivals)

Thiruporur Murugan Temple Puja Timings

Kalasandhi Puja – 09:00 AM

Uchikala Puja – 12 Noon

Sayaratchai puja – 05:30 PM

Rakkalam Puja – 08:00 PM

Accommodation near Thiruporur Murugan Temple

Located 28 km from Chennai many accommodation facilities are available in both the cities Chennai and Tamil Nadu
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How to reach Thiruporur Murugan Temple

The nearest airport is Chennai Airport, about 40 km from the temple.

The nearest railway station is Chennai Central, about 50 km from the temple. 

Taxis and buses are easily available from Chenna and other cities in Tamil Nadu.


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Veerarajendran Ramaswamy
Veerarajendran Ramaswamy
2 years ago

Lord Murugan is the YOUNGER brother of Lord Ganesh and not as mentioned.

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