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How to Plan A Trip For Tuljapur Pandharpur Akkalkot and Gangapur From Solapur

Here we will help you plan a beautiful trip to Solapur, as well as nearby places to visit and places to stay in Solapur. Many nearby places can be visited from Solapur city. There are also many places you can visit in Solapur.

Akkalkot, Pandharpur and Tuljapur are some of the must-visit places if you are planning a trip to Solapur. Here we give an overview of the route from Solapur.

Trip Destination


Trip Advice

  • Plan your vacations around off-peak times to avoid spending long hours in the darshan queue at popular temples.
  • If travelling by train, make sure your tickets are confirmed.
  • Visit the official websites of the temples and check if accommodation is available or you can visit YatraDham.Org for the best Dharamshala and hotel bookings within your budget.
  • If possible, cover only one temple in a day so that you get enough time to see other places nearby and surrounding areas.
  • If you have any health problems, especially back problems, stay away from auto-rickshaw travel. Just rent a private car or a taxi.

Akkalkot Gangapur Pandharpur Tuljapur Tour Distance From Solapur

Solapur to Akkalkot Distance39 km
Solapur to Pandharpur Distance80 km
Solapur to Tuljapur Distance46 km
Solapur to Gangapur Distance348 km

Now, know all the details about your tour destination, the temple information and places to visit nearby. The best accommodation to stay in during your travels and much more.

Shri Tulja Bhavani Temple of Tuljapur

You can start your journey at the Shri Tulja Bhavani Temple in Tuljapur. This temple is 46 km from Solapur, located in the Osmanabad district of Maharashtra and is dedicated to the goddess Bhavani. Tulja Bhavani Temple is considered one of the 51 Shakti Pithas.

Shri Tulja Bhavani Temple
  •  You can get transport facilities from Solapur to Tuljapur easily. State buses are available from Solapur to Tulja Bhavani Temple.
  • Make your stay memorable in Tuljapur with the availability of nearby attractions, including all the best amenities.
  • There are many sightseeing places near accommodations, including Tulja Bhavani Temple, Kallol Tirth, Gomukh Tirth, Ghat Shila Temple, Dharashiv Caves, Naldurg Fort and Paranda Fort, which are the top attractions that tourists should visit.
  • After reaching Tuljapur, you can book Dharamshala for relaxing and getting fresh and in the evening, you can visit the temple. It would take your evening at the temple only because, around the temple, there are many places to visit.
  • In the afternoon, you can have lunch at Dharamshala only. Our Dharmashala provides a food facility. Then you can visit the temple or any other place.
  • It would take two days for sightseeing in Tuljapur. So you can book Dharmashala in Tuljapur and have a night’s stay in Tuljapur. The next day, in the morning, you can visit the famous places in Tuljapur.

Places to Stay in Tuljapur

Nearby Places to Visit in Tuljapur

Tulja Bhavani TempleVishnu Temple
Ghat Shila TemplePapanashi Tirth
Kallol Tirth TempleBharati Buwa’s Mutt

These are some of the major tourist attractions in Tuljapur, which you can visit on a second half day. Then you can head back to Solapur, where you can stay the night in Dharamshala and on the next day, you can plan a trip to your next destination.


Akkalkot is located at a distance of 39 km from Solapur and is dedicated to Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj. This temple is built around a banyan tree. Under this banyan tree, Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj used to meditate and preach to his followers.

  • Are you looking for accommodation in Akkalkot, Maharashtra? Then, we have some of the best options for you, which are Vatvriksha Bhakta Niwas Private Trust at a reasonable cost with an appropriate facility. Make your stay memorable in Akkalkot with the availability of nearby attractions, including all the best amenities.
  • There are many sightseeing places near accommodations, including Swami Samarth Maharaj Temple, Swami Samarth Samadhi and Bhuikot Fort, which are attractions that tourists should visit.
  • At Akkalkot, it will take about a day to visit all the places in Akkalkot. So you can book Dharamshala in Akkalkot for a day where you can get relaxed and fresh. After getting relaxed in Dharamshala, you can begin your sightseeing in Akkalkot.
  • In the afternoon, you can have lunch at Dharamshala. Our Dharmashala provides a food facility. So you can have lunch there and then you can explore other places in Akkalkot.

Places to Visit Nearby Akkalkot

Shree Swami Samarth Samadhi MathAkkalkot Palace
Aamina BazarSiddheshwar Temple
Solapur Bhuikot FortBhima River


After Akkalkot, you can plan your trip to Pandharpur.

Pandhanpur is dedicated to Shri Vitthal and Shri Rukmini and this temple is the Southern Kashi of India. It is said to be the Kuldaivat of Maharashtra State. This place is located at a distance of 80 km from Solapur.


From Solapur, you can get transport facilities to Pandharpur. After reaching Pandharpur, you can book Dharamshala at Pandharpur and take a rest there and relax.

  • In the afternoon, you can have lunch at Dharamshala. Yatradham’s Dharmashala provides the best rooms and food facilities at an affordable price.
  • Many places in Pandharpur are full of beautiful nature and a religious atmosphere, which you would like to visit in Pandharpur.

Famous Places to Visit Near Pandharpur

Bhakt Pundalik TempleKaikadi Maharaj Mandir
Tulsi VrindavanShree Pundalik Mandir
Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj MandirShri Vitthal Rukmini Mandir

After that, you can return to Solapur and if you have more time, you can also visit the place in Solapur.

The next destination in your tour is Gangapur


The Gangapur is dedicated to Lord Dattatreya and is a very important “Darshanee Kshetratra.”


Gangapur is connected to Sri Nrusimha Saraswathy Swamy, who is the second incarnation of Lord Dattatreya.

This Nirguna Mutt is surrounded by the Nirguna Padukas and is located on the bank of the Bhima River.

Places to Visit in Gangapur

Ganagapur Dattatreya TempleShri Vallabh Dinkar Bhatt Pujari
Sangama Datta TempleBhima Amarja Sangam Shatkula Teerth

The following possible travel options and recommendations are based on our experience.

Option 1

If you are planning to travel by train or bus to Solapur and hire a car, or if you are driving your own vehicle or hired car,. Reach Solapur early in the morning

Day 1Tuljapur and Pandharpur
Day 2Akkalkot and Ganagapur

Option 2

Prefer option 2 If you are driving your own vehicle or hired vehicle, reach Pandharpur early so that you can cover all the other temples, along with Shri Vitthal and Rukmini temples.

Day 1Pandharpur
Day 2Tuljapur (plus Solapur city)
Day 3Akkalkot and Ganagapur

The Place to Visit in Solapur

Shri Siddheshwar MandirSolapur Science Centre
Shower N Tower WaterparkSolapur Bhuikot Fort
Dharmaveer Sambhaji LakeShri Revan Siddheshwar Temple
Rang BhavanShri Veertapasvi Mandir

How to Reach Solapur

Solapur is a very popular city in Maharashtra. You can reach Solapur by railway, road and air.

By Road

Solapur is one of the main cities of Maharashtra, so one can easily get road transport facilities to reach Solapur.

By Train

Solapur Railway Station is the nearest railway station, which is 2 km from Solapur.

By Airport

The nearest airport is Solapur Airport, which is 5 km from Solapur.

For Dharamshala bookings all over India During Your trip, Visit our website, YatraDham.Org”

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Sanjay Dangrocha is your guide to a world of adventure through his travel blog. Stay updated for your next journey to famous temples, travel adventures and must-visit places.”


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