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Tuljapur – Tulja Bhavani Temple timing

  Tuljapur Temple timings, Dharamshala near Tulja Bhavani temple, Place near Tuljapur to visit, Hotels in Tuljapur


Tulja Bhavani Temple is located at Tuljapur, Osmanabad in Maharashtra. The Temple is believed to built in the 12th Century. This temple is an important Hindu pilgrimage center in Maharashtra. It is one of the “Shaktipithas” of Goddess Durga.

Inside the temple, there is a 3-foot-tall statue of Goddess Tulja Bhavani. Goddess Has 8 hands holding different weapons.

The temple looks spectacular during the evenings of the Navratri Festival. During the evening of Navratri, they decorate the whole temple with lights and flowers. There is much spiritual and religious feeling during the time of Navratri. One must visit the temple during the time of Navratri for an unforgettable experience.

History of Tulja Bhavani Temple:

It is said that the temple was built in the 12th century. The History of the temple is mentioned in the Skanda Purana. In the book, it is mentioned that there was a sage whose name was Kardam and after the death of the sage, his wife started meditating for Maa Bhavani.

But there comes an evil name Kukur who tries to Disturb the “Anumati- the wife of sage Kardam”. But Maa Tulja Bhavani came and killed the evil. So from that time at that place, Tulja Bhavani started worshipping.

The King of Maratha Maharaja Shivaji was a big devotee of Maa Tulja Bhavani. It is believed that Tulja Bhavani Mata gave a sword to Maharaja Shivaji.

Tulja bhavani History

Timing of Tulja Bhavani Temple Live Darshan:

Tulja Bhavani Darshan


Timing of Tulja Bhavani Temple Live Darshan
Morning 5.00 am to 11.30 pm
Afternoon 12.30 pm to 7.00 pm
evening 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm

Timing of Tuljapur Temple:

Temple is open from 3 am morning to 9.30 pm at night.

Places to visit near Tulja Bhavani Temple:

There are many places you can visit from Tulja Bhavani temple. Some are mentioned below:

  1. Chintamani.
  2. Kallola Tirth.
  3. Vishnu Tirth.
  4. Gomukh Tirth

How to reach to Tulja Bhavani Temple, Tuljapur:

1.  By Air

Aurangabad is the nearest airport which is  288 km away from the Tuljapur.

2. By Train

Osmanabad is the nearest Railway station from Tuljapur which is 30.7 km.

3. By Road

Tuljapur well connects to the road so, one can easily get the transport facilities from anywhere to Tuljapur.

Tulja Bhavani Photo

For information on Hotels in Tuljapur  “Click Here”

For the Booking of Dharamshala in Tuljapur  “Click Here”

One Should visit Tulja Bhavani Temple once. Tulja Bhavani is a spiritual and religious place to visit. You will get a blissful feeling during the visit to the Tulja Bhavani temple. Also, this place has a few historical monuments to see.

Tulja Bhavani temple is covered with the natural atmosphere and the location of the Tulja Bhavani temple is in between Bela Ghat.

So it would have the best feeling during the visit of Tuljapur.


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