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Ambaji Temple and Darshan Timing

 Ambaji Temple and Darshan Timing, Place to visit near, Dharamshala, Nearest Railway and Bus Station.

It is one of the towns in the district Banaskantha of the State Gujarat. In this Town, there is a very large temple of Goddess Amba, it is one of the Shakti pith in India. For Hindus, this temple has great Importance and also one of the Holy Place to visit, as a result of many Hindu visits every year.

During Diwali time the temple is very Beautifully Decorated and the environment is totally different. You will really enjoy the Place Because the place at that time has a very religious and spiritual environment. Many Devotes from all over India come to visit this temple every year.

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Ambaji Temple 2022 Updates

યાત્રાધામ અંબાજી ભાદરવી પૂનમ મહામેળો 2022 પ્રારંભ – દર્શન અને આરતી નો સમય

Latest Updates On Ambaji Temple Timings

Updated Ambaji Temple Timings, Aarti Timings in Navratri 2021.

As Navratri is soon and a large number of pilgrims are flocking to Ambaji temple as a result darshan timings have been extended. It has been decided to keep the temple open for devotees till 11 pm.

Ambaji Mandir Timings

Temple timingAarti Timing
Morning7:30 AM to 11:45 AM7:00 AM
Afternoon12:15 PMto 4:15 PM
Evening7:00 PM to 11:00 PM6:30 PM

During the period of Bhadarvi Poonam, devotees of Maa Amba can perform Aarti online while sitting at home. The best possible arrangements have been made by the Devasthan Trust. Helpline center is started in Chacharchowk. Contact number is 02749-262424.

Ambaji Live Darshan

Devotees can take benefit of the live darshan of Maa Amba in the below-given platform:

  • On the Devasthan Trust’s official Facebook page
  • On Devasthan Trust’s official YouTube
  • On Devasthan Trust’s official Twitter
  • On Devasthan Trust’s live streaming server
  • Devasthan Trust Website (

As the global pandemic of the corona is spreading around the world the temple trust has appeal to follow the guidelines given by the government of social distancing.

Ambaji Temple and Aarti Timing

Temple timingAarti Timing
Morning7:30 AM to 11:45 AM7:00 AM
Afternoon12:15 PMto 4:15 PM
Evening7:00 PM to 11:00 PM6:30 PM

You can visit the Gabbar temple in 24 hrs at any time.

Place to visit in Ambaji

  1. Kumbhariya Jain Temple:  Distance between Ambaji and Kumbhariya Jain temple is about 8.1 km.
  2. Mangalya Van: Distance between Ambaji and Mangalya Van is about 9.1 km.
  3. Gabbar hill: Distance between Ambaji and Gabbar Hill is about 5.1 km.
  4. Kailash Tekari Temple: Distance between Ambaji and Kailash Tekari Temple is about 8.3 km.

Place to visit Near Ambaji Banaskantha

  1. Bahucharaji Temple: Distance between Ambaji and Bahucharaji is about 161 km.
  2. Sun Temple (Mehsana): Distance between Ambaji and Sun Temple Mehsana is about 147.2 km.
  3. Mount Abu: Distance between Ambaji and Mount Abu is about 52.1 km.
  4. Gandhinagar: Distance between Ambaji and Gandhinagar is about 149.1 km.

Dharamshala(Accommodation) in Ambaji provide the best accommodation in Ambaji at affordable price and with all facilities. There are many Guesthouse, Dharamshala, ashram, yatri niwas, and rooms where you can stay in Ambaji.

For Booking the Dharamshala in Ambaji just click on the name of the Dharamshala given below, you can book your rooms from there very easily and at an affordable price.

  1. Ambaji-Shakti Pathikashram.
  2. Parvati Pranam-Ambaji.
  3. Ambaji-Shree Ganesh Bhuvan.
  4. Rajput Samaj Ekta Bhavan Dharamshala-Ambaji.
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You will really enjoy the stay at this Place in Ambaji.

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Best Time to Visit Ambaji

There are no such time to visit Temple or religious place. But I will suggest you to visit the Ambaji Mata Temple during the Navratri or Diwali Because during these times the Atmosphere of the Temple is very religious and spiritual, and Air air is very holy during this times.


Q1. Which is the nearest Railway and Bus station to Ambaji?

View Answer
Firstly, the nearest Railway Station  Abu Railway station is about 20 km and the nearest bus station is about 500 meters in Ambaji only.

Q.2 Which is the Nearest Airport to Ambaji?

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The Nearest Aiport to Ambaji is Ahmedabad Aiport which is about 186 km from the Ambaji.

Q.3 Is there any entry charges of the Ambaji Temple?

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No, there are no such entry charges to visit the temple.

Q.4 What are the charges for the Rope-way for the way to Gabbar Hill?

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The Charges of the rope-way at Ambaji is Rs.80 for the return fair and Rs.50 for one side.

Q.5 Is there any place to visit near Ambaji?

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Yes, there are many places to visit near Ambaji.


I hope! you liked the above information.

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