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World’s Largest Virat Ramayana Mandir in Bihar History, Architecture and Controversy

Virat Ramayan Temple is an upcoming temple being built in Jankipur near Chakia-Kesaria Nagar in East Champaran, Bihar. It is being built by an organisation named Mahavir Sthal Nyas Samiti (Mahavir Mandir Trust) of Patna.

Bhoomi Pujan of The Virat Ramayana Temple

In 2012, Kishore Kunal performed the bhoomi pujan of the Virat Ramayana temple to be built in Kaithwaliya. After that, its foundation stone was laid by Kishore Kunal in 2022.

Virat Ramayan Mandir

Based on the lines of the structure of Angkor Wat in Kampuchea, this temple is planned to be twice the height and size of Angkor Wat.

There will be a total of 22 temples of gods in this temple group, of which the main deity will be Lord Ram.

In size, the main spire (Sikhar) of this temple will be almost twice that of Angkor Wat (which is 215 feet high), at 405 feet high.

World's largest Virat Ramayan Mandir

Virat Ramayan Mandir Architecture

Virat Ramayan MandirDetails
Temple Design InspirationAngkor Wat, Rameshwaram and Meenakshi temples
Inauguration DateNovember 13, 2013
Size Compared to Angkor WatTwice the size
Total Complex Length2800 feet
Total Complex Width1400 feet
Main Peak Height405 feet
Total Project AreaApproximately 125 acres
Number of Sanctum Sanctorums18
Main DeitiesLord Ram, Sita, Luv and Kush
Prayer Hall Capacity20,000 people
Planned Shivalinga Height33 feet
Project CostRs 500 crore

Naming of Virat Ramayana Temple

Initially, this temple was named Virat Angkor Wat Temple. After the plan was disclosed and widely discussed, the Cambodian government expressed its objection and concern to the Indian government over the fact that the name of this temple is a copy of the actual Angkor Wat.

After the ban by the Government of India, the name of this temple was changed to the Virat Ramayana Temple.

Virat Ramayan Mandir Contact Details

Virat Ramayan MandirInformation
AddressSarangpur, Siswa Narsinh, Bihar
CompletedExpected 2025
StatusUnder construction
Phone0612 222 3789
CreatorMahavir Mandir Trust, Patna
DistrictEast Champaran

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Angkor Wat in Kampuchea (Cambodia) is the world’s largest Hindu temple, the largest religious place and the most famous tourist destination. Lakhs of tourists come there every year to see its grandeur and glory.

Controversy of Virat Ramayana Temple

It is also a major source of foreign exchange for Cambodia. The Cambodian government was worried that if its replica was made in India, it might hurt the popularity of Angkor Wat.

For this reason, the Cambodian government is opposing the construction of this temple.

In response to this protest, several other changes have been made to the project, including the name of the temple, as directed by the Government of India.

History of Virat Ramayana Temple

The architect of this entire project is Acharya Kishore Kunal, who is the Secretary of the Mahavir Mandir Trust (Trust) of Patna and Chairman of the Bihar State Religious Trust Board.

The primary plan of the Mahavirsthal Trust Committee, based at the Mahavir Temple in Patna, was to build a grand temple, called Virat Ankorvat Temple, at Ganga-Par, Hajipur, which would, in concept, be twice the size of the original temple. In this context, the Trust was planning to acquire some land.

Meanwhile, the Trust acquired 161 acres of land in East Champaran, after which a project was prepared to build this grand mega-dharmakaya in Champaran, 120 kilometres away.

After objections and concerns expressed by the Cambodian government, the government refused to make it an exact copy of Angkor. The model of the new temple was unveiled by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on November 13, 2013.

Virat Ramayan Temple Bihar

Disruption Due to Cambodia’s Objection

Cambodia: Due to the objection of the government of Cambodia, the work of Virat Ramayana Temple could not start for the last five years. The Cambodian government objected to the temple’s previous name, Virat Angkor Wat Temple, in 2012.

After the objection, the Mahavir Temple Trust changed the name of the temple to Virat Ramayana Temple.

The matter was later resolved after the Archaeological Survey of India reported that the Ramayana temple was constructed separately from the Angkor Wat temple.

No objection to the construction has also been received from the National Green Tribunal.

Viraat Ramayan Mandir Total Area

It will be spread over an area of 200 acres with this size, it will be the largest religious structure in the world when completed.

Virat Ramayan Mandir Budget

The total cost of this construction work will be Rs. 500 crore.

Virat Ramayan Mandir

Virat Ramayan Mandir Construction Status

The Temple of Virat Ramayana will have three floors. Temple Secretary Lalan Singh said that the map of the temple has arrived. This temple will be 1080 feet long and 580 feet wide. Along with this, a 270-foot-high, 120-acre Ramayana temple will be constructed.

Its entire area will be three lakh or 76 thousand square feet. The number of temples will be 22 and the number of peaks will be 12. This temple will be bigger than all the existing temples of Lord Ram. The world’s largest Shivling will also be installed in this temple.

Temple Construction Will Be Completed by 2025

To speed up the work of casting the pillars, a batching plant is being set up near the temple premises. After its installation, two hundred labourers will work here every day.

At present, a team of about 60 people, including 22 engineers from the construction agency and 100 labourers, are engaged in the work of moulding the pillar.

The budget for the construction of the temple has already been arranged by the Mahavir Temple Trust Committee. Trust Committee Secretary Kishore Kunal has said that a provision has been made to spend Rs 80 crore on the construction of the temple in this financial year 2023-24.

The temple construction will be completed by the month of Sawan in 2025; we expect its completion by 2027, with construction work starting on June 20th.

Specifications of Virat Ramayan Temple

According to the plan, this temple is being built mainly as a replica of the Angkor Wat temple of Kampuchea, but it will not be an exact copy of Angkor Wat, its design will be inspired by the elements of Angkor Wat, Rameshwaram and Meenakshi temples.

On November 13, 2013, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar inaugurated the future model of this temple.

It will be twice the size of Angkor Wat. The length of its entire complex will be 2800 feet, the width will be 1400 feet and the height of the main peak will be 405 feet. The total area of this project will be about 125 acres.

There will be a total of 18 sanctum sanctorums in this entire temple group, in which the statues of Lord Ram, his Sita, Sita Luv and Kush will be placed under the central peak. In front of this main house, there will also be a huge prayer hall with a capacity of 20,000 people.

Virat Ramayan Temple
LocationVirat Ramayana Temple, Kaithwaliya, Kalyanpur block, East Champaran, Bihar
MaterialBlack granite rock
Dimensions33 feet high and 33 feet round
Weight210 tonnes
Construction SiteMahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu
Construction PeriodOngoing, to be completed by 2025
TransportShivalinga will be brought from South India to the temple complex by road
CraftsmanshipLocal craftsmen deployed for shaping the Shivalinga
Installation DateFebruary 27, 2025

22 Temples in The Virat Ramayan Temple

There will be a total of 22 temples of Shaiva and Vaishnav deities in the temple under construction. The area of the temple will be 3.67 lakh square feet.

The highest peak will be 270 feet. After this, one peak of 198 feet, four of 180 feet, one of 135 feet and five of 108 feet will be built.

The length of the temple will be 1080 feet and the width will be 540 feet. The temple will develop as Janaki Nagar. Many ashrams, gurukuls and dharamshalas will also be built here.

World’s Largest Shivalinga in Virat Ramayan Temple

The Shivalinga to be installed in the Virat Ramayana temple being built in Kaithwaliya, Kalyanpur block of East Champaran, is being constructed in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu.

Black granite rock has been purchased for the construction of a 33-foot-high Shivalinga. A team of local craftsmen has been deployed to shape the Shivalinga.

A 33-foot-high Shivalinga will be installed in the Virat Ramayana Temple on February 27, 2025. The work on the temple has been going on since June 20. About Rs 200 crore will be spent on the structure of the temple.

World's largest Virat Ramayan Mandir

The Height of the Shivling Will Be 33 Feet

It is said that 250 metric tonnes of forty-foot-long rock have been purchased for the construction of Shivling. The work of cutting the rock and shaping the Shivalinga has started.

The size of Shivling will be 33 feet high and 33 feet round. Thirty-forty skilled craftsmen have been employed for this work.

Acharya Kishore Kunal, Secretary of Patna Mahavir Temple Trust, said that for this, the most skilled craftsmen from the temple city of Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu have been engaged.

The construction work will be completed keeping in mind the installation date of Shivalinga in the temple. Shivalinga of Devadhidev will be brought to Kaithwaliya at the scheduled time.

This Temple is Bigger Than the Ram Temple of Ayodhya

“The Virat Ramayana temple in East Champaran will be bigger than the Ram Mandir Ayodhya.

According to the temple construction committee, the length and width of Ramlala’s temple are 360 by 235 feet, while the length of the Virat Ramayana temple is 1080 by 540 feet.

The process of its construction work is going on until June 20, 2023. Under this, piling (pillar) construction work is going on.

“The construction work is to be completed by February 2025 so that Shivling can be established here on February 27, 2025.”

Black granite rock is being procured for the construction of Shivalinga. The work of shaping Shivlinga from rock has started.

The skilled craftsmen of Mahabalipuram are giving shape to the Shivalinga. The construction work will be completed on time.

Virat Ramayan Mandir Latest News

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