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Who Killed Karna and How in Mahabharta ? | Death, Story, Facts, Curses

Karna “A Great Warrior”

Suryaputra Karna, also known as Vasusena, Anga-raja, Radhey was one of the great warriors of  Mahabharata. He was a spiritual son of Surya(Sun) and princess Kunti.

Kunti had a boon to have a child with all the qualities of the divine gods. She wished to test the boon if it was correct or not. she invoked Suryadev by chanting the Mantra of the boon. Suryadev has to bless her with a Son as per the boon. Thus, Karna was born to unmarried teenage Kunti.

Kunti got scared of how people will react to her son as she was not married. Therefore, she decided to abandon the child. She floated the child in a Basket in River Ganga. 

Suta’s Parents named Radha and Adhiratha found the basket. They adopted and raised Karna. Karna grows up with the extraordinary abilities of a great warrior. 

Who Killed Karna?

Many of us know that Arjuna killed Karna during the war of Kurukshetra. But there are several different factors, which played the main role in the death of Karna. 

According to Lord Krishna, Karna Died due to the following 6 cures he was having. Otherwise, it was impossible to kill Karna.

  • First, the brahmin cursed Karna that the wheel of his chariot would sink when he was in an epic fight of his life. 
  • Second, Lord Parusharam(his guru) cursed Karna that he will forget the knowledge of the weapons, especially the Brahmastra. That too when he needs them the most.
  • Third, Indra asked Karna for his Kavach and Kundal as a donation from him before the Kurukshetra war.
  • Fourth, Kunti asks Karna to promise her not to kill any of the Pandavas except Arjuna. And also not to use the Nagastram on Arjuna more than once.
  • Fifth, Shalya, Karna’s charioteer, leaves him during the war at the most critical time.
  • Sixth, Krishna went to Karna in the form of a Brahmin when he was waiting for his death. And asked him to donate all the charitable acts and merits which he had done since birth. Including the honor collected by donating these at the time of death.

These were the main factors due to which Karna was possible to kill during the Kurukshetra war. 

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