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Bhog Ceremony or The Guard Of Honor Ritual At Ram Mandir, Orchha

If you’re planning a visit to the historic Raja Ram Temple in Orchha, you can not miss the Guard of Honor. It is also called the Bhog Ceremony. This daily ritual involves adorning the idol of Lord Raja Ram with precious jewels.

It also includes reciting Vedic mantras and hymns. The whole ritual is a deeply spiritual and meaningful experience for devotees.

What is the Bhog Ceremony or The Guard Of Honor Ritual At Ram Mandir, Orchha?

The Guard of Honor has been performed for centuries. The temple’s rich history traces the significance of this ritual. Built in the 16th century by Maharaja Rudra Pratap Singh, the temple has withstood many invasions and attacks.

This includes the Mughal invasion of the 17th century. Despite these challenges, the temple has remained a sacred site for Hindus. This temple is a perfect example of the symbol of their unshakable faith.

Timings Of The Guard Of Honor Ritual At Orchha Temple

The Guard Of Honor ritual at Orchha temple takes place at a specific time each day. Make sure you know about these timings before your visit. 

Hotel Bookings at Orchha Near Ram Mandir

To ensure a comfortable and secure stay, you should consider making advance room bookings. It’s best to book your accommodation in advance through

This reliable and safe website and app offer a range of accommodation options in and around Orchha. This will make it easy for you to find the perfect place to stay during your visit.

Experiencing the Guard of Honor at Raja Ram Temple, Orchha, is a spiritually enriching experience. By planning your visit in advance and booking your accommodations through, you can ensure a comfortable and hassle-free stay in Orchha. 

Make sure you add this incredible event to your itinerary when visiting Madhya Pradesh. Immerse yourself in the history and culture of this sacred site.

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