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Palani Murugan Temple Timings | History, Alangaram, Accommodation

Palani Temple Information

Palani is the most divine among all the holy places of God Murugan who is also known as Karthikeya. Temple is located in the District Dindugal of the state of Tamil Nadu. Temple is located on the bank of the river Shanmuganadhi which is mentioned as the holy river of the State.

Palani Andavar temple well-known name of Murugan stands still on the top of the Hill, due to which can be seen from a far distance. Just reaching near the gopuram the devotees start feeling the presence of God.

Temple is beautifully built on the top of the Hill and the rich architecture of the temple attracts devotees all over India.

Palani Murugan Temple Opening and Closing Date

Palani Murugan Temple is closed for devotees till 8th August and the temple will reopen after 8th August.

History of the Palani Temple

As the mythological story goes, one day Sage Narada came to mountain Kailash for offering the fruit gnana-Palam (literally, the fruit of knowledge). Lord Shiva got confused about which of his two sons does he give the fruit of knowledge. So he decided to give the fruit to the Son who first encircle the earth thrice.

Accepting the challenge Lord Murugan(Karthikeya) started his journey around the world on his vehicle peacock. But Ganesha believes that his world is his parents. So he took the 3 rounds of his Parents and won the fruit. Getting furious about the decision, Murugan felt he need to get mature and so decided to go to Palani hill and stay there only.

One of the 18 great Hindu shriddhaars sage Bogar built the idol of the lord on the top of the hill. The idol of the Lord is believed to be built of nine poisonous substance which forms an eternal medicine when mixed with a certain ratio.

Palani Murugan God Photos

Palani Temple Timings

  • 5 AM to 10 PM.

Palani Temple Darshan and Pooja Timings

Viswaroopa Darshan5:40 AM
Darshan6:00 AM to 6:50 AM
Vila Pooja6:50 AM to 7:15 AM
Darshan7:15 AM to 8:00 AM
Sirukalasanthi8:00 AM to 8:25 AM
Darshan8:25 AM to 9:00 AM
Kalasanthi9:00 AM to 9:25 AM
Darshan9:25 AM to 12:00 AM
Uchikala Pooja12:00 PM to 12:25 PM
Darshan12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Sayaraksha5:30 PM to 5:55 PM
Darshan6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Raakala pooja8:00 PM to 8:25 PM
Darshan8:30 PM to 8:45 PM
Temple Closing time9:00 PM

Ticket Prices for Special Darshan and Pooja’s

Darshan and Pooja Types  Rates for normal days  Rates for special days
Special DarshanRs. 10 Rs. 20
Viswaroopa DarshanRs. 100 Rs. 200
Vila PoojaRs. 150 Rs. 300
SirukalasanthiRs. 150 Rs. 300
KalasanthiRs. 150 Rs. 300
Uchikala PoojaRs. 150 Rs. 300
SayarakshaRs. 150 Rs. 300

How to reach the Palani Temple

By Air

If you planning to visit the temple by plane then the nearest airport to the temple is at Coimbatore and Madurai. The distance between Coimbatore and Palani is 111.4 km.

By Road

Palani temple can easily be reached by the road as it is well connected by the road. Different modes of local transportation facilities like state buses, private taxis, etc can be available from Coimbatore and Madurai. The nearest Bus station to Palani temple is Palani Bus station which is 1 km from the Bus station.

By Train

Trains can also be easily available from different cities in Tamil Nadu. The nearest railway station to Palani temple is Palani railway station which is 3 km from the temple.

For reaching the temple one has to climb the mountain. But if the Devotees do not want to climb the mountain by the steps they can take a rope car or winch.

Rope car

Rope Car Timing Charges
7:00 AM to 1:30 PMOne Way Trip Rs. 15
2:30 PM to 9:00 PMSpecial Way Rs. 50


Winch Timing Charges
5:20 AM to 9:00 PMNormal Way Rs. 10
3:20 AM to 9:00 PM (Festive Days)Special Way Rs. 50


Q.1 What is the Height of the Palani Hill?

View Answer
The height of the Hill is 500 ft(150 meters).

Q.2 How many steps are there in Palani Murugan Hill Temple?

View Answer
693 steps are there to climb to reach the Palani Murugan temple on a hill.

Q.3 How much time it takes to climb the Palani Hill by step?

View Answer
For climbing the hill it takes around 25-30 minutes.

Q.4 Are cameras allowed in the temple?

View Answer
Yes, you can take the Cameras inside the temple but you have to take a special camera pass.

Q.5 What is the Dress Code for the Palani Murugan temple?

View Answer
Devotees can wear Dhotis, jeans, shirts, and other Descent clothes, but they can’t wear lungis, pajamas, etc.

Q.6 How much time it take to visit the temple?

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It takes around 2:30 to 3 Hours to visit the temple.

Q.7 Which is the nearest railway station to Palani Murugan temple?

View Answer
The nearest railway station to the temple is Palani Murugan temple which is just 3 km from the temple.

Q.8 Which is the nearest airport to Palani Temple?

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The nearest airport to Palani temple is at Coimbatore or Madurai.

Q.9 Are special Darshan facilities available at Palani Murugan temple?

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Yes, special Darshan facilities are available at the temple.

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