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Champaran – Champaranya – Birthplace of Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya Ji

Champaran (formerly known as Champajhar) is a place of immense religious significance. It is the birthplace of Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya Ji. Vallabhacharya Ji was the saint of the Bhakti movement. He was the founder of the Pushti sect of Vaishnavism. And also the philosophy of Shuddha Advaita.

How to Reach Champaran

Champaran is 45 kilometers from Raipur, in other words, the capital of Chhattisgarh.
Raipur is connected by rail to major cities in India. Moreover, it is a major station on the Howrah – Nagpur – Mumbai route, and on the Ahmedabad – Howrah route. In addition, Raipur is well connected to Delhi by rail.
Most trains arrive in Raipur late at the night ( 02:00 AM-03:00 AM).
Of course, Raipur is also connected to major cities in India by air.

From Raipur to Champaran:

Buses from Raipur to Champaran and vice-versa are available from 06:00 AM onwards, every half hour from the railway station. (City buses)  
Private buses are available from Kali Bari Chowk in Raipur to Champaran. And vice-versa. From 06:00 AM onwards every half hour. 
However, the fare is approx. Rs.40/-
Travel time is approx. 60 – 70 minutes.
The last bus from both places leaves at 05:00 PM.

Private taxis are also available to go to Champaran.

All roads in this area are indeed in good condition.

Places to visit in Champaran

Champaran is a popular Vaishnav peeth. Thus, it attracts devotees from all over India and abroad. There are two temples dedicated to Mahaprabhu Ji.

The Prakatya Baithakji Mandir:

The Seva in this temple is by Param Pujya Goswami Shri Vrajjivanlalji and his two sons. During festivals, the temple is decorated beautifully. During this time temple witnessed a large number of devotees.

Mool Prakatya Mandir

Also known as Chatti Baithak. Goswami Shri Vallabhlalji and Shri Raghunathlalji do the Seva here. This temple also has a large number of devotees during the festivals.
On the 11th day of Baisakh month, they celebrate Mahaprabhuji’s Prakatya Utsav.
The Champaran annual Mela is held with great festivities in Magh month.  
Besides these two, there are other temples of significance

Haveli Temple

This temple is dedicated to Shri Giriraj Ji and Shri Balkrishanlal Ji. A small stream of the Mahanadi river flows next to the temple and is believed to be the Yamuna. Here is the delicious Maha-Prasad served in the temple, afternoons and nights.

Mata Yamuna Mandir

This temple, dedicated to Maa Yamuna is situated on Yamuna Ghat. The idol of the Goddess is portrayed with four arms here. Maa Yamuna is also known as Suryakanya, daughter of Surya Dev.

Champeshwar Mahadev Mandir

Near the Prakatya Baithakji Mandir, this temple is dedicated to Mahadev. The Shivling here is pretty ancient. The premises of the temple are and the atmosphere divine. 

Accommodation in Champaran

Shri Gopal Dharamshala offers two, three, and four-bedded AC and non-AC rooms. It is within walking distance of the bus stand and is near all places of interest in Champaran. This place is ideal for families and groups.

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