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Famous Indian Temples – Darshan Timings and Things to take care while in these temples

Here are the Darshan, Aarti, and Temple timings of some of the most famous temples across India. Information regarding some of the common concerns of the devotees for a pleasant darshan experience is also provided here.

Somnath Temple Timings

The ‘Darshan’ timings in Somnath are from morning 6 Hours to 9.30 Hours in the evening. The light and sound show takes place daily from 8 PM to 9 PM except during the monsoon season.

Aarti timings:

  • Morning – 7.00 AM
  • Afternoon – 12.00 PM
  • Evening – 7.00 PM

Devotees can store the valuables in the cloakroom. Wheel Chairs / Golf Cart is available for physically challenged / Senior Citizens at the Main Gate of the Temple; a lift Facility is available inside the temple premise.

Jagannath Puri Temple:

The temple opens at 5 AM the morning. Soon after the temple is opened, Mangal Aarti is performed. The Temple doors are closed for Darshan at 12 AM midnight.

Schedule of Temple:

  • Morning Aarti – 5 AM
  • Evening Aarti – 5 PM
  • Sahanmela – For any 1 hour between 7 AM to 9.30 AM (Time may vary; Mostly it will be before 9 AM)

During the ‘Sahanmela’ time period, pilgrims can go up to ‘Ratnavedi’ or inner sanctum to have a Darshan, without paying fees for it. At times, this Darshan is restricted due to rituals being performed by the deities.

Devotees can register themselves for the flag-changing ceremony before 9 AM in the morning. For registration please visit the Temple Board counter only. There have been cases of dishonest practices by individuals outside the temple for looting the devotees. They provide a fake receipt for flag changing ceremony.

Rameshwaram temple

The Rameshwaram temple opens for darshan early morning at 5.00 AM and closes in the evening at 9.00 PM.

The timings of some of the important rituals performed in Rameshwaram temple are as under:

Name of Pooja & Aarti/ArathanaTiming
Palliyarai Deepa Arathana05:00 AM
Spadigalinga Deepa Arathana05:10 AM
Thiruvananthal Deepa Arathana05:45 AM
Vila Pooja07:00 AM
Kalasanthi Pooja10:00 AM
Uchikala Pooja12:00 PM
Sayaratcha Pooja06:00 PM
Arthajama Pooja08.30 PM
Palliyarai Pooja08:45 PM

The ‘Mani Darshan’ event is carried out from 5 AM to 6 AM in the morning. Devotees have to pay a nominal amount for the Darshan of ‘Sphatik Shiv Linga’.

In between the Darshan remains closed during the afternoon from 1.00 Hours to 3 Hours.
Devotees shall have to perform “22 Kund Snan” before darshan. Carrying an extra lungi is advisable for gents.

Dwarka Temple Timings

The Darshan opens for the devotees in the morning from 6.30 AM to 1 PM and from 5.00 PM to 9.30 PM in the evening.

Aarti timings:

  • Morning: 6.30 AM, 10.30 AM
  • Evening: 7.30 PM, 8.30 PM

The Darshan remains closed during the following time period:

  • Morning: 8.00 AM to 9.00 AM (Abhishek Puja)
  • Afternoon: 00 to 12.20 PM, 1.00 to 5.00 PM
  • Evening: 9.00 to 9.20 PM

*The temple remains closed during all the 8 Bhog offerings throughout the day for a short interval of 10-15 minutes each.

There are many beautiful sightseeing places around Dwarka that one would surely love to visit. These places include Gayatri Mandir, Trilok Darshan Art Gallery, Gomti Ghat, Nageshwar Jyotirlinga, Rukshamani Temple, Bet Dwarka, etc

Ambaji Temple

The Ambaji temple has different schedules as per the ongoing seasons. They are classified as summer, winter, and monsoon Timings.
The Aarti of Mataji is performed daily in the morning at 8.00 Hours. In the evening, the Aarti is carried out at sunset.

Monsoon Temple Timings:

  • Morning: 7 to 11.30 AM
  • Afternoon: 12.30 to 4.30 PM
  • Evening: 7.00 to 9.00 PM

Winter Temple Timings:

  • Morning: 7 to 11.30 AM
  • Afternoon: 12.30 to 4.00 PM
  • Evening: 6.00 to 8.30 PM

Summer Temple Timings:

  • Morning: 7 to 10.45 AM
  • Afternoon: 12.30 to 4.30 PM
  • Evening: 7.30 to 9.15 PM

The devotees shall have to wear a decent dress. Half Pants or any indecent dress are not allowed on the temple premises.

Har ki Paudi Aarti:

Har ki Paudi is well known amongst devotees for its evening Aarti at the Ganga Ghat. Thousands of devotees visit Har Ki Paudi in the evening for the pleasant experience of Ganga Aarti. The Aarti timings vary from 5.30 to 7.10 PM depending upon the time of the year.

Evening Ganga Aarti Timings during different months:

  • Jan, Feb, October, Nov, and Dec – 5.30 PM
  • April May, Jun, July, Aug – 6.30 to 7.10 PM
  • March and September – 6.10 PM

The place is quite crowded. Devotees should take care of their children and valuables.

Shirdi Sai Temple:

The Darshan timings of Shirdi Saibaba Temple are from 4.00 AM to 11.00 PM.

Aarti Timings:

  • Morning: 4.30 AM, 5.35 AM
  • Evening Aarti: During sunset, 10.30 PM.

The ‘Abhishek’ is carried out in three batches for the following time slots:

  • 7.00 AM to 8.00 AM
  • 9.00 AM to 10.00 AM
  • 11.00 AM to 12.00 PM

Pass is available for darshan at an amount of Rs. 200/Pass. The pass is available free of charge for senior citizens above 65 years of age for Darshan except for Saturday and Sunday.

Kakkad Aarti is carried out at 4.00 AM in the morning. It is required for the devotees to wait in the queue from 3.15 AM onwards. People with passes can reach directly at 4.00 AM.

Banke Bihari Temple

The Banke Bihari temple has different timings according to seasons classified as Summer Timings and Winter Timings. The duration from two days after Holi till Diwali is considered summer, while the duration from two days after Diwali till Holi is considered as winter.

Summer Timings:

  • Morning: 7.45 AM to 12.30 AM
  • Evening: 5.30 PM to 9.30 PM
  • Rajbhog Arti: 12 PM
  • Shringar: 8 AM
  • Shayan Bhog: 8.30 to 9.00 PM
  • Shayan Aarti and closing: 9.30 PM

Winter Timings:

  • Morning: 8.45 AM to 1.00 PM
  • Evening: 4.30 to 8.30 PM
  • Rajbhog: 12 to 12.30 PM, 8.30 PM
  • Shringar: 9 AM
  • Shayan Bhog: 7.30 to 8.00 PM
  • Shayan Aarti: 8.30 PM

*No darshan will be allowed during Bhog timings.

The Banke Bihari temple is usually very crowded. It is advisable for the devotees to take care of their belongings while in the queue for the Darshan. Carrying valuables should be avoided. Drinking water and a Bench for elderly people to sit on are available.

Prem Mandir, Vrindavan

The opening and closing times of Prem Mandir are 5.30 AM to 12.00 PM in the morning and 4.30 PM to 8.30 PM in the evening.

The timings of Aarti are as under:

  • Morning: 5.30 AM, 8.30 AM
  • Afternoon: 12 PM, 4.30 PM
  • Evening: 8.30 PM

Devotees have to stand in queue for the Darshan. It is advisable not to carry valuables and ornaments during the Darshan.

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