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Vaishno Devi Yatra

Vaishno Devi

Vaishno Devi Temple is the most popular and widely visited Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu Goddess, located in the Trikuta Mountains in Katra

Katra is 14 km far from Vaishno Devi. Katra serves as the base camp for pilgrims who visit Vaishno Devi.

To reach Vaishno Devi Mandir, you have to register at the Katra before starting the trek. It is a trek of 14 km. There is another trek of 1.5 km from Vaishno Devi temple, equally exciting for Baba Bhairon Nath.

It is said that the pilgrimage is not complete until you visit this temple at last.

There are helicopter services also available. This is mostly useful for old age people and Handicapped people.

How to reach Katra?

You can take a direct train or bus to Katra or direct flight to Jammu. Once you reach Jammu you can book a personal taxi or public transportation to reach Katra.
There is a registration office available at Bus stop Katra and Saraswati Dham Jammu.
The yatra Parchi is valid for 6hours, so before 6 hours you need to cross Banganga Yatra check post.

katra Combine YD

Rates of a Bus ticket from Katra bus stand.

katra bus station ticket price YD


Where to stay at Katra?

For the easy and affordable trip of the pilgrims, the Shrine Board offers ‘rent-free’ as well as rented accommodation.
In Katra, stays are available near to the Banganga check post, Bus stand & Railway Station.
You can book your Accommodation online at Dharamshala at KATRA.

Vaishno Devi Yatra by Helicopter.

The Yatra by helicopter is now much easy and time-saving.
The Katra helipad is 3 km away from Katra bus stand. katra to the helipad to Sanjichat is travel is approximately 5 min by helicopter.

katra helipad YD

The ticket price of one side is approximately 1005/-Rs per person.

Things to do in Yatra.

Once you have reached Vaishnodevi, brace yourself for one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Starting from

  • Banganga Yatra check post

The Yatra starts are passing the check post showing the Yatra Parchi at the check post.

Banganga katra YD

  • Pony Ride, why not?

You are fit enough to walk by yourself. But, there is always a room for better experience. Before starting the journey to the temple, you get a lot of ponies on rent. The rates of these services are fixed. Relevant information about the prices and availability is available on various signboards or at the Assistance Centers at Katra, Banganga and other places.Enjoy the breathtaking landscape from the mountains.

  • Pay your tributes to Ardh Kuwari Temple

Ardh Kuwari Temple location of this temple is in the middle of the journey to Holy Shrine and especially at a spot where pilgrims take a rest. The length of this cave is fifteen foot, though it is too narrow. From this place onwards, the path for the temple turns steep. A common belief circulates among people that in case you fail to visit this place you haven’t completed this holy pilgrimage. That’s why all pilgrims arrive at this cave to complete the pilgrimage.

  • Stop at Sanjichhat

The view of the valley and snow covered peak of Himalayas can be enjoyed from this spot. It is the highest point on the old track and an endpoint to the uphill climb. To reach the temple premise, tourists have to walk downhill from Sanjichhat.

  • Vaishno Devi Temple

The Vaishno Devi Temple is the purpose for which you will be undertaking 14km long trek. When you reach the cave, you can spot three stones (called Pindian) which symbolizes Maa Kali, Maa Lakshmi, and Maa Saraswati. Maa Vaishnodevi symbolizes all three deities being together.

Best time to start the journey:

Best times to start the journey to the temple are late in the evenings and reach the temple by early morning. So, while descending down in the morning do not forget to stop and enjoy the rising sun.

After this long trek, you will surely need a Massage. While coming down the hill, you’ll see a lot of massage parlors. That’s the best for reducing the exhaustion of Yatra.

Jai Mata Di!

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