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Mata no Madh Temple Timings

Mata no Madh is a village in Lakhpat Taluka of Kutch district, Gujarat, India. The village lies surrounded by hills on both banks of a small stream and has a temple dedicated to Ashapura Mata, the household deity of former Jadeja rulers of kutch State. She is also considered the patron deity of Kutch. The village is located about 105 km from Bhuj, the headquarters of the Kutch district

This shrine or Ashapura Mata no Madh Temple is steeped in antiquity as far as its origin is concerned. There are references to this goddess in the Puranas, Rudrayamal Tantra and so on which are all said to point to this shrine in Kutch.

One fact firmly stands out that this deity was very much there in the 9th century AD when the Samma clan of Rajputs from Sindh first entered western, or more correctly, north-western Kutch. They were followed in the later centuries by more families or this clan which eventually established them in the region and one of their lines got control of the whole state of Kutch at the beginning of the 16th century. This was Khegarji I, the son of Jam Hamirji who was murdered by Jam Rawal earlier. Both the Jams (in Sindh a Raja or Chieftain was called ‘Jam’) were profound devotees of Ma Ashapuraji.

Thousands of devotees and tourists visit Mata no Madh with great faith in goddess Ashapura around the year. Temple trust manages various facilities like accommodation, food, and rituals for devotees. Shri. Matana Madh Jagir Trust also manages the Gaushala and various education-related activities. This is how devotees and tourists must have to visit Mata No Madh, near Bhuj and Lakhpat of Kutch Gujarat, and get the blessings of goddess Ashapura Mata. Tourists also can plan to visit Rann Utsav – the festival of the white desert of Kutch held from the November to February month every year by Gujarat Government.

You can now do live darshan of Mata no Madh Ashapura Temple

Aarti Information:
Actually, there offering prayer with lamps of Ashapura: one at dawn at 5:00 a.m. known as Mangala Arti, another instance paste Arti
at 9:00 a.m. and another third one at dusk which is known as Sandhya (evening), Arti is carried out and carried on every day.

Mata no Madh Temple Timings:

Mangla Darshan: 05:00 AM
Dhoop Aarti: 09:00 AM
Sandhya Aarti: At Sunset

Additional Details of Ashapura Mata Temple – Matano Madh

Email Id: [email protected]
Address: Mata no Madh, Kutch

Travel Routes:
Buses going towards Bhuj with approximate time (from Matanamadh and other centers via Matanamadh

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