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Underwater Bet-Dwarka Temple and Darshan timing

Underwater Bet Dwarka Temple Timings, Ferry Timing, Place to visit in Dwarka, Dharamshala in Dwarka

Bet Dwarka, Dwarkadhish, Dwarka

Underwater Bet Dwarka is located between the Arabic sea. Bet(Beyt) Dwarka is one of the sacred places for the tourist, which is considered to be the original Home Lord Krishna during the rule of Dwarka.

Bet Dwarka is also known as Bet Shankhodara. Bet Dwarka is located off to the coast of Dwarka Gulf of Kutch. This place of Dwarkadhish is to visit through the boat as it is in between the sea.

History of Bet Dwarka

  • The Bet Dwarka is considered to be the place of Lord Krishna during the ruling of Dwarka. It is said that Lord Krishna resides with his family.
  • Do you know what is the meaning of Bet? Let me tell you “Bet” means “Gift” which Lord Krishna Received from His friend Sudama
  • In our Ancient Book Mahabharata, we come across the reference of  Bet Dwarka known by the word “Antardvipa”. Bet Dwarka is also known as Shankhodara as the place consists of a huge number and variety of conch shells.
  • The Gujarat Temple in the sea, better known. The investigation carried out under the sea came across the somethings or materials whose age can be said to be the era of Harappan civilization and Mauryan rule.
  • The region was also under the rule of Gaekwad(State of Baroda).
  • After Independence, the place was under the Saurashtra  State which later merged with the State of Mumbai. After the Division of the Gujarat State and Maharashtra State, the Bet Dwarka and Dwarka came into the Gujarat State.

Dwarka Latest News

Shivrajpur beach – also known as blue flag beach will remain closed for tourists from 1/6/22 to 30/7/22. 

The place to visit in the Bet Dwarka

Some main place to worship is Bet Dwarka.

  1. Shri Keshavrai Ji Temple:

Keshavraiji Mandir , Bet Dwarka

  • This Temple is of Lord Krishna in Bet Dwarka. At Keshavrai Temple “Rice” is offered to Lord Krishna as his friend Sudama as bought rice as a gift for Lord Krishna.
  • It is the best Spiritual and Religious place to visit during the visit to Bet Dwarka.

2. Hanuman Dandi:

Hanuman Dandi, Bet Dwarka

    • Hanuman Dandi Temple is located in Bet Dwarka is the idol of Lord Hanuman and Makardhwaja the son of Hanuman.


  • The Only Temple was the son of the Hanuman is Worshipped.
  • Sarangpur is also one of the largest Temple in District Botad of  Gujarat State.

3. Abhaya Mata Mandir:

  • This is a small Shrine on the other side of Bet Dwarka where the goddess Abhaya is worshiped.

Other temples to visit in Bet Dwarka:

There are many small temples of the God and Goddess that are worshiped. Radhaji, Rukmaniji, Jambavati, Lakshmi-Narayan, Satyabhama, Devaki, and Matsya form of lord Vishnu are some temples that should visit during the visit of Bet Dwarka.

Jain Temples In Bet Dwarka:

Bet Dwarka is also Jain Temples where one can pay tribute to 24 Tirthankars of the Jain Community.

Dargahs in Bet Dwarka:

Bet Dwarka as also Two Islamic Dargahs. One Sidi Baba Peer Dargah and Haji Kirmai Dargah are the two main Dargahs which are Located in Bet Dwarka.

Timing of Darshan of Temple in Bet Dwarka: 

Darshan Timing of Bet Dwarka


9.00 am To 12.00 pm


3.00 pm to 6.00 pm


For the Temple timing of the Dwarka visit the Following link -> Dwarka Temple Timing

Boat Timing and Cost in Bet Dwarka

Boating Photo

There is no such Timing for the Boat to leave for Bet Dwarka. The Boat is available every 10 to 15 minutes and once the Boat gets filled with a passenger the boat will leave for Bet Dwarka and take 15 to 20 minutes to reach the Bet Dwarka.

Boat Timing of Bet Dwarka: Every 15 to 20 minutes and Boat Leave for Bet Dwarka when the Boat fills with passenger

Best time to visit the Bet Dwarka

  • The Best Time to visit Bet Dwarka is Between the month of October and March. That is the time when the region experiences the winter.
  • Winter at Bet Dwarka is not much severe, weather is pleasant enough to be travel-worthy. Average temperatures during winter are around 20degree to 28degree so it is bearable.
  • During summer due to a lot of heat, it will be more uncomfortable for the small child and for the adult also to visit the Bet Dwarka.
  • During Monsoon in Bet Dwarka lot of rain is found there so it creates an uncomfortable environment for the guest to visit every place of the Dwarka.

How to reach the Bet Dwarka:

1.  By Air to Bet Dwarka:

  • In order to reach the Bet Dwarka, one has to reach Dwarka first. You can fly to Jamnagar airport located at a distance of 45 km from the Dwarka. From the Airport, you can take Cub and private buses to reach the Dwarka. From Dwarka to Okha jetty distance is 30km it takes around 1hr to reach the Okha jetty from Dwarka. And from the Dwarka, many private Vehicles are easily available to Okha jetty. From the Okha jetty, you can ferry the boat to reach the Bet Dwarka.

2. By Bus to Bet Dwarka:

  • Dwarka connects well to all the main cities of Gujarat so getting the Bus to Dwarka is easily available. Regular private buses are running to Dwarka this way road makes it easy to reach Dwarka. From Dwarka to Okha jetty distance is 30km it takes around 1hr to reach the Okha jetty from Dwarka. And from the Dwarka, many private Vehicles are easily available to Okha jetty. From the Okha jetty, you can ferry the boat to reach the Bet Dwarka.

3. By Railway To Bet Dwarka:

  • If you avail of the rail route, then you can reach the Dwarka easily from any other part of the country through well developed express train network. Also, several local trains run regularly between Dwarka and the major station of Gujarat.

Bet  Dwarka is one of the Best places to visit during the visit to Dwarka and One of the most thrilling feelings during the visit to Bet Dwarka you will get. The Waves of water will make your heart and mind pure and religious. you will enjoy the ride on the boat to Bet  Dwarka. The beaches of Dwarka and Okha are the best places to visit.


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