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Bhairav Ashtami Bhandara 2022

Every year on Bhairav Ashtami Bhandara’s held in MuktiDham but during the Corona period, Bandara was not held providing facilities for packing the food and sending it to the devotees over 5000 packets of Prasada were packed and distributed among devotees. However, they have come to know that 20,000 people will be present at Kaal Bhairav Jayanti this year. Below here you will come to know about the dates and news updates.  

Bhairav Ashtami Bhandara News

  • Knowing about this Bhandara many of them got surprised and maybe after reading this blog you might get too.
  • There are so many other Bhandara’s, too, which are held in Indore, but this is the main and unique from all of them
  • This Bhandara takes place at the cremation ground
  • Hindus believe that entering Muktidham after sunset, but there is such a Muktidham in Indore city, where there is three days festival every year. 
  • Devotees in thousand get together and celebrate the birth anniversary of their beautiful enshrined in Muktidham with great excitement. 
  • Devotees then offer 56 food items to their idols.
  • Bhajan-Kirtan is performed amidst burning pyres.

Bhairav Ashtami Festival Dates 2022

This year the three days program is to be held on from November 14 to November 16

Bhairav Ashtami Food Items

According to the news, we have come to know that total of 5 tonnes of food items are prepared here. And that includes two tonnes of vegetables and one tonne of flour puri.  

Who All Can Attend The Bhandara?

Everyone can attend the Bhandara including students, businessmen,married-unmarried women, and their newborn babies. Everyone comes here to pay respect to their idol and after that, they take food offerings amid burning pyres

Where To Stay?

Many of you have never heard about this Bhairav Ashtami Festival which is held at Muktidham, and if not then you should visit here once in a lifetime and experience the different things every day. Here we will provide you the list of accommodations also in Indore so you can freely plan your 3 days trip and explore the city and festival

Shri Fatehpuria Samaj Bhavan

Nastya Jain Dharamshala

Shri Ram Atithi Gruh

Gujarati Samaj

Manek Chand Batala

Narmadiya Brahman Dharamshala 

Check Rooms Here

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