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Guruvayur Temple, Darshan and Pooja Timing

Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple

(Guruvayur, Kerala, India)

Many Question arises in our mind during a visit to any temple or Tourist place What will be Guruvayur temple and Darshan in Kerala timings? , Will it have any entry fees? , Will Temple be open on the Particular Day? , What will be the Dress Code of the Temple? , Is there any accommodation near Temple? and many more.

So here I will clear all your Questions related to the Guruvayur Temple in Kerala.

Let’s start with information about the Guruvayur Temple.

The Temple is located in the town of Guruvayur, Kerala, India. Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Guruvayurappan. It is one of the most important places of Worship.

The temple is often referred to as the Bhuloka Vaikunta, which means the Holy Abode of Vishnu on the Earth. The temple is also one of the tourist places in Kerala.

Guruvayur Temple, Darshan, and Pooja’s Timing.



Temple Opening Timing

3.00 AM


3.00am to 3.20am

Thailabhishekam, Vakacharthu, Sankhabhishekam

3.20 am to 3.30 am

Malar Nivedyam, Alankaram

3.30 am to 4.15 am
Usha Nivedyam

4.15 am to 4.30 am

Ethirettu pooja followed by Usha pooja

4.30 am to 6.15 am

Seeveli, Palabhishekam, Navakabhishekam, Pantheeradi Nivedyam, and Pooja

7.15 am to 9.00 am
Ucha pooja (the noon pooja)

11.30 am to 12.30 pm


4.30 pm to 5.00 pm

6.00 pm to 6.45 pm

Athazha pooja Nivedyam

7.30 pm to 7.45 pm
Athazha pooja

7.45 pm to 8.15 pm

Athazha seeveli

8.45 pm to 9.00 pm
Thrippuka, Olavayana

9.00 pm to 9.15 pm

Temple Closing time

9.15 PM

Note: Temple remains Closed between 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm and reopens at 4:30 pm.”

Timing of the Senior Citizen:

Morning – 5:30 am to 8 am.
Evening – 4:30 am to 6 pm.

Guruvayur Temple Timing & Dress Code

Dress Code of the Guruvayur Temple in Kerala

You need to remove the Shoes outside and cover your Head while going inside the Temple. Men do have not to wear the Shirt inside the temple.

Men Have to wear Dhoti and Towel in Temple and for Women Saree or Salwar Kameez is Compulsory.

General Information about Guruvayur Temple.

  • Only Hindus are allowed in the temple
  • Nearest Railway station – Guruvayur Railway station at 1 km.
  • Near Bus station – Guruvayur Bus station at 1 km.
  • Nearest Airport – Kochi Airport at 62 km.
  • Mobile, cameras, and other electronic devices are not allowed inside the Temple.
  • Facilities of Locker to keep your footwear and other expensive items are provided.
  • No Leather items are Allowed.

Other Places to visit near the Guruvayur Temple.

  • Sree Parthasarathy Temple
  • Sree Chamundeswari Temple
  • Mammiyoor Temple
  • Punnathurkotta
  • Devaswom Museum
  • Arimbra Hills, Malappuram

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I hope you have liked the above Information and useful for you.

Thank You!

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