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Short Tales of Ramayana – Where is Krishkindha or Kishkindha? Vanara Kingdom

Kishkindha, Badhra Village, Andhra Pradesh

Looking back to Ramayana Time, there are many great places with great historical importance. If you look at the story of Ramayana, there is one such place that is famous for its connection with Lord Rama.

Yes, that place is Kishkindha, a meeting place of Lord Rama and Hanumanji. The journey from Ayodhya to Lanka takes us to many places in India. Many places across India and Sri Lanka have evidence of its connection with Ramayana.

Krishkindha – where lord Rama met Hanuman Ji for the first time.

One such place is Kishkindha Nagar. The city was ruled by the Vanara King Bali, brother of Sugriva. Shri Ram killed Bali and made Sugriva the king. Shri Ram and Hanumanji met the first time in the forest near this city.

Even today there are hints of such incidents at that place. Today this city is one of the major centers of tourism in Andhra Pradesh. Many devotees visit this historical place regularly.

The Kishkindha City of that period is still in the state of Karnataka. Remains of the existence of the famous Kishkindha region of the Ramayana period can is still found in Koppal and Bellary districts.

This is one such place that has connectivity with the time of Ramayana. To find out about other places connected to Ramayana and Mahabharat, read our blogs at Blogs.

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