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Short Tales of Ramayana – Indrajit (Meghnad) | Lakshman Yudh, Vadh

Indrajit or Meghnath

Indrajit (Conqueror of Indra)or Meghanada a powerful warrior in Ramayan. He was the son of Raavana and one of the greatest warriors in the Hindu Text.

Indrajit played and crucial role in the great war between Lord Rama and Raavana. He is considered an Atimaharathi. Atimaharathi means someone who can fight 12 Marathi simultaneously and defeat them. He was the only warrior which has the three ultimate weapons of Trimurti. Those are Brahmandastra, Vaishnavastra, and Pashupatastra.

He defeated devas in Heaven.

During the war between Lord Rama and Raavana, Indrajit defeated Rama and Lakshman. And in the Second encounter with Lakshman Indrajit disabled Lakshman. Using Brahmandastra, he killed 67 million Vanaras in a single day. Approximately half of the Vanaras of the Sena.

Why was only Lakshman able to kill the Indrajit?

Indrajit had a boon that he can only be killed by a person who has not eaten, slept, and not seen the face of a woman for  14 years.

So Lakshman had all the above qualities so he was able to kill the Indrajit.

Some Interesting facts about the Indrajit

  • His name is Meghanada and at the time of his birth, he cried like a rumble of thunder.
  • He defeated devas in Heaven.
  • He defeated Lord Indra, tied him and bought Lord Indra to Lanka, and released him as Brahma himself asked to do so.
  • Indrajit had one of the best weapons of lord shiva.
  • During the war, Indrajit killed the illusionary figure of Sita to mentally disturb Lord Rama and Lakshman.
  • If Indrajit’s nikumbila yagna got interfered with, he would get killed. Lakshmana and the Vanar Sena stopped his yagna
  • Indrajit defeated Hanuman using the Brahmastra.
Who was Indrajit?

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