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Why Lakshman was able to Kill Indrajit or Meghnath ? | Meghnath Vadh

Why Lakshman was able to kill Indrajit or Meghnath?

Many different stories are mentioned in Mythology which is very surprising and interesting. In such a way we hear the stories of heroism of Lord Rama and his devotees. But there is not much written about the brother of Lord Rama, Lakshman.

He was also one of the great warriors and devotees of Lord Rama. He had killed Meghnath, a very powerful Asura and son of Raavana.

Meghnath or Indrajit was one of the most powerful and great warriors of the Ramayana, who was not able to be killed easily. Many of us have a question that is stuck in our minds very often that “Why only Lakshmana was able to kill the Meghnath?”

The story behind this runs that Indrajit had a blessing that, the person who has not slept for 14 years, who have not eaten for 14 years, and a person who has not seen the face of women for 14 years can kill the Meghnath.

But how can Lakshman do that?

So Lakshman has all the above qualities as per mention and not Lord Rama. As Lord Rama had slept, ate and had seen the faces of women in the 14 years. But there was only Lakshman who had not done all the above things.

Lakshman had not slept for 14 years for protecting his Brother Lord Rama, he had been hungry for 14 years as Lord Rama never said him to ate and without the permission of Lord Rama he used to do nothing,  and Lakshmana had also not seen women for 14 years, he used to bow down to Goddess Sita only by seeing her feet.

This was the reason why only Lakshman was able to kill the Meghnath.

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