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Significance of Ram Navmi and the traits to learn from Lord Rama

Ram Navmi is marked as birthday of Lord Rama. It is celebrated worldwide to remember and preach about Lord Rama’s deeds and sense of duty.

For Hindu’s, Lord Rama is one of the most celebrated and acclaimed God who showed a path of truth, duty, integrity, selflessness, and virtue. To instill same traits in all Indians, Ram Navmi is practiced all around the globe.

Being an incarnation of Lord Vishnu; Lord Rama proved us value of morals and ‘Dharma.’ For every Indian, Lord Rama stood as perfect and ideal son, husband, father, and a king. He taught us that how every living organism whether it is human or animals have to be respected and loved, irrespective of where they come from. His patience, ordeal, and sense of judgment is been debated since long.

Yet, when it comes to relive or explain our mythology and heritage – Lord Rama’s name tops the list.
The celebration of Ram Navmi starts nine days before the actual date. Those nine days of fast and religious practice is also known as ‘Sri Ram Navratra’ or ‘Vasant Navratra.’ It falls in March-April of every year. People from around the world join their hands in prayers. They wish that just like prosperity, love, and peace flourished in Lord Rama’s
Kingdom – the same happens in their life.

Ram Navmi is a significant festival that helps in establishing our faith in the phrase, “good wins over evil.” A fascinating tale of brotherhood, devotion, war for righteousness and justice; Lord Rama and Ramayan holds a special place in everyone’s heart. Some of the virtues, one can learn from Lord Rama are:

“Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye/ Do not let honor of your vow die even if it means to give up your life”

Lord Rama taught us an important message that one should fulfill their duties without any selfish motives in his/her mind. To put people behind yourself and to selflessly help, love, and respect others. To say yes to go in exile for 14 years was his biggest example of ‘Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye.’ And that is why he is entitled with ‘Maryada Purshotam.’

“To be righteous”

We all know that Lord Rama was a perfect example of a person who was morally correct, righteous, and virtuous. He made sure that all his decisions are in favor of kingdom and pupils. Even if it meant sacrificing his own wife into exile.

“To be Human”

In his exile into forest or anywhere, Lord Rama was filled with compassion and love for all human beings. Whether it was eating fruits from Sabari, a tribal old lady, or Lord Hanuman and other animals that supported them in their war, Lord Rama has always been kind to all. Lord Rama taught us true value of humanity.

“To practice Monogamy”

Lord Rama is the only mythological king who stood and supported to be married only once in his lifetime. Unlike other Kings and his own father, he set an example to practice monogamy.

“Good over evil”

The main aspect of Ramayan and preaching by Lord Rama was that your good deeds will certainly help you eradicate evil. It is you, who have to keep the faith and trust alive in oneself and in goodness.
To remember and celebrate all these examples and virtues, Rama Navmi is observed by many people all around world. No wonder, it holds such significance in Hindu religion.

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