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Tejas Express Train Between Ahmedabad to Mumbai

Tejas Express Train Ahmedabad to Mumbai information

Tejas Express train is running between two main cities like Ahmedabad and Mumbai. The inauguration of the train was on 17th January 2020  and regular service started on 19th January 2020.

The train is introduced by Indian Railway connecting Ahmedabad and Mumbai and it is India’s second private train after Lucknow – New Delhi Tejas train. It is a semi-high speed and fully airconditioned train.

Passenger can book their ticket from the IRCTC website and from the irctc app also. The train has two AC executive class chair cars and 8 AC chair cars with a capacity of carrying 736 passengers.

IRCTC will follow a dynamic fair scheme of the Tejas express for passengers according to the lean, busy and festive season.

Timing of Tejas Expresses Train

Tejas Express Train RouteTimings
Ahmedabad to Mumbai6:40 AM to 1:10 PM
Mumbai to Ahmedabad3:40 PM to 9:55 Pm

Note: Train will be running regularly in the week except Thursday.

Ticket Price(fare) of Tejas Express from Ahmedabad to Mumbai

From Ahmedabad:

The ticket price for Executive Chair Car is Rs. 2,384 (including the base price of Rs.1.875, Rs. 94 GST, and Rs.415 catering charge) and the ticket price for AC Chair Car class is Rs. 1,289 (including the base price of Rs.870, Rs. 44 GST and Rs.375 catering charge).

From Mumbai: 

The ticket price for Executive Chair Car is Rs. 2,374 (including base price of Rs.1.875, Rs. 94 GST, and Rs.405 catering charge) and the ticket price for AC Chair Car class is Rs. 1,289 (including base price of Rs.870, Rs. 44 GST and Rs.360 catering charge).

Tejas Express Train picture

Facilities provided by the Tejas Express Train

  • Fully air-conditioned with semi-high speed.
  • For Entertainment Train as introduced LCD screen for each passenger though facilities will be available for executive chair class.
  • IRCTC has decided to pay Rs. 100 to passenger if the train gets delayed for 1 hour and Rs. 200 if it gets 2 hours delay.
  • IRCTC also offers insurance of Rs. 25 lakh to all the passengers traveling from Mumbai to Ahmedabad on the Tejas Express.
  • Stops of Tejas Train: Vadodara, Nadiad, Bharuch, Surat, Vapi, and Borivali.
  • A wi-fi facility is also provided on the train.
  • High-quality food will be served by the service staff.
  • RO Water will be provided on demand for passengers.


Q.1 How much is the speed of Tejas Express Ahmedabad to Mumbai?

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The speed of the Tejas Express is semi-high about 130 km/hrs.

Q.2 How much time does it take to reach Ahmedabad to Mumbai in the Tejas Express train?

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The train takes around 6 hours to reach Mumbai from Ahmedabad.

Q.3 How many stops does the Tejas Express have?

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Train has 6 stops (Vadodara, Bharuch, Vapi, Surat, Nadiad, and Borivali).

Q.4 When will the Tejas Express train from Ahmedabad to Mumbai will start? 

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Tejas Express train has been started on 19th January 2020 from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.

Q.5 What is the time Departure of time from Ahmedabad and Mumbai of the Tejas Express?

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The train will depart at 6:40 from Ahmedabad and at 3:40 from Mumbai.

Q.6 How much distance does Tejas express train travel from Ahmedabad to Mumbai?

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Train travels 490 km from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.

Q.7 Does the Tejas express train have sleeping arrangements?

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No Train does not have sleeping arrangements.

Q.8 How much class does the Tejas express train have?

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Tejas express have two class Executive class and an AC Chair car.

Q.9 What is the Route of Tejas Express trains?

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There are 2 Tejas Express trains running in India one from Lucknow to New Delhi and another from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.

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